Saying goodbye to my best friend - Lwia część (Lemon)

in polish •  2 months ago  (edited)

This time something much more important than the rest of my covers. 17 th of July I lost my 16 years old best friend. It's the hardest summer in my whole life... I want you to know, that I miss you and I love you forever.
Tym razem coś dużo bardziej ważnego niż reszta moich coverów. 17 lipca straciłam mojego 16 letniego przyjaciela. To najcięższe lato w całym moim życiu... Chcę, żebyś wiedział, że tęsknię i zawsze będę cię kochać.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I can feel the ache of sadness in your voice, and see it also in the way you interact with the camera.

Losing a friend - a best friend - is such a heartbreak. I know this from experience when my lover committed suicide. So many years later and the wound still bleeds and I miss him like it happened yesterday.

Thank you for giving a voice to your sadness, and enabling me to feel mine a little bit again as I listen.

Sending you a hug of comfort from Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. Hoping to hear more from you.

I couldn't hide my emotions on this wideo. Thank you so much, every comment gives me a lot of strenght...

I'm sorry for your loss, indeed it hurt's so much experiencing like that. No word's will come out for this kind of happening. Word's are not enough to heal that pain because it won't bring back that was loss alre.

Hope you can still enjoy life after experiencing like that. I'm sure you can also recover.. can I give you a hug? just kidding but if you want, I'm always willing to do it..

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A hug is what I need the most right now... Thank you!

okay, it will be my pleasure...

I am sorry for your loss. I can feel your sadness from your voice and your presentation. Your friend is watching you from a better place wherever you go and whatever you do. You have such a beautiful voice and you chose a beautiful song to sing for your little boy. I wish you a lot of strength. Keep remembering the beautiful things that you two did together..

Thank you for these beautiful words, I'm really happy that you watched the whole wideo... :)

What an incredible voice, it made me water my eyes because it reminds me of my loved ones that have already left, it shows a lot of feeling, what is the pain and the desire to see that person who left forever ... You have a lot of talent , keep singing!

I believe that he's still next to me... :) Thank you for these words!

ehy dear @yourmind, your voice expresses all the pain you feel. it is as painful as any word can't say, but anyone who has lost someone can understand. you are also very young and perhaps this is your important loss. I remember when I was young, a young friend of mine died, friend of friends. I mean I knew him, but he wasn't really my friend. the news, however, struck me strongly, because for the first time I realized that I would never see that person again and only the memory of his beautiful blue eyes remained. Always remember it in your heart, and live your life with joy for him too. It seems a stupid thought but it serves to feel it always close and not to waste a minute of this life that he did not have the chance to experience !! I hope all the best for you, a big hug

It was the hardest song in my whole life. I couldn't even record it... Thank you for your comment, it means so much to me!

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