Ostracizing cops, osteinfo.com - A site that post pictures of the blue criminals.

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This post, is not going to be the slightest objective. I'm very biased when it comes to cops, since I've had my share of experiences with them, for victimless "crimes".

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In Denmark, there is this website called Osteinfo, where "oste" is "code" or "slang" for cops, in the same way "pigs" and similar are in English.

  • The website had some issues after a bunch of DDoS attacks, and was completely closed after unidentified people contacted the hosting provider, pretending to be government employees.
    ^ Yeah, most people in Denmark, get turned quite a bit on by a uniform, and will do a lot to keep their little baubble going on. Even breaking the law they want other people to adhere to, and impersonating lawinforcement, which does bring in a hefty fine, and jail time. - It's pretty irrational, now that you think about it. Person A tells person B, to not break the law. Person B does it anyway, and person A impersonates a cop, and thereby breaks the law.

It's since been reopned with a statement saying "Osteinfo still have the goal of finding and identifying humans, that on a daily basis harass and "modesty violates"" (From a lack of knowing a better term, and since it's a direct translation, based on the cops forcing people to strip naked infront of places like kindergardens, that's what I'll use here.) peaceful people in and around Christiania."

  • To those that don't know what Christiana is, it's the danish version of Red Light District. Though, a bit less of that, and more hippie and gang related. Weird mix, I know.

Claus Oxfeldt chairman for the "Police Federation" have been interviewed by a news outlet, and had some "interesting" things to say about it.

First of all, he figures that "they're doing it to scare us away", as he states. Which is perfectly true.

  • Ostracization have one goal. To stop evil people, commit evil in the future.

He continues to state that "I'm shaken, I hope this frenzy gets and end soon. There have to be a lower limit to, how completely insane you can behave"

  • Again, he's absolutely correct. There have to be a limit, and "Task Force Pusherstreet", as the gang of cops are called, have lowered the bar, for a looooooong long time. assaulting people, simply for being near Christiania.
    ^The retaliation to that, is a completely normal thing, if you know a bit about psychology.

His response to the sites purpose of "Osteinfo still have the goal of finding and identifying humans, that on a daily basis harass and "modesty violates" in and around Christiania", he said;

  • "It's transboundary og intimidating. I think that in and around Christiania moves in a more and more unpleasant direction. These people don't stop at nothing, when they do their criminal activities."

  • That is also true. Taskforce PusherStreet , have been upping the assaults year after year getting more violent, for as long as I can remember paying at least a tiny bit attention to it. They even fire their guns in the air, as to intimidate the usually peaceful people, just minding their own stores.

  • The article I read last, continues with a short comment from Police Commissioner at Copenhagen Police, Steffen Thaaning Steffensen, whom is also mentioned at the "About us" page on osteinfo. Where he states, that they have been given a court order, to get the website shutdown, and have contacted the Islandic police to get their help doing it. Since it's hosted on a server in Iceland.

All in all, 19 photos have been put up on the site so far, with 7 confirmed names, and some with badge numbers.

  • And I'm pretty sure, that more will come in the future, since it's highly unlikely that the Copenhagen Police Department, will stop what their doing. It's one of the biggest contributers to "confiscated goods" they have, and helps get bonuses to the chiefs and other people in charge.
    ^ Yup, in Denmark, there's something called "goal numbers", where each department have to catch a specific number of people, for different "violations", and they'll get bonuses.
    Which is why, they'll lay even more low on solving actual crimes, these comming months, and focus more intensely on the roads, where they usually work together with SKAT (The Danish IRS).

Anyway, I just wanted to bring a bit of attention to it, since I think osteinfo.com and similar sites, is a good way to combat the criminals with badges. It might provoke them to take on more volatile actions, and people might get hurt. But I find it a chance worth taking, since people already get hurt daily, by violent cops roaming the streets.

  • But I'm sure someone have a different perspective, so throw it at me! What do you think?
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Feel like pointing out, that I have nothing to do with the site at all, before cops kick in my door, using that excuse. >.<