Stopped By The Police On The Way Home From The Brewery

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Busted. Mrs. Bromide and I went to 3rd Street Brewing last night for dinner, some beer, and music. On the way home we were pulled over by the town police.

Do you know why I pulled you over, sir?

When the blue lights started flashing in the rear view mirror of my old truck, I pulled into the parking lot of an empty doughnut shop. A very young officer with freckles and a ponytail came up to the window. “Do you know why I pulled you over, sir?” she asked. I’m not a mind reader, but I had a good idea what she was thinking. Thankfully it didn’t have to do with the beer drinking.

One of my headlights blew out and I took the broken bulb into the auto parts store. The guy behind the desk found a new bulb, but he said that a broken bulb means that there is water in the light housing. I stuck the new bulb in without even looking for the water, duh. It lasted about a day before it blew out again. It turns out there was a whole lot of water in the headlight housing.

I told the officer, “I know my headlight is out. There is a new pair of lights on my workbench. I just need to put them in.” That sounds far too convenient and she probably thought I was lying, but she just took my license and registration back to her patrol car. It happened to be the truth, though. I ordered a pair of new headlights a month ago and have been planning on putting them in as soon as I finish my current bathroom remodeling project.

She Touched My Tail Light

I was watching the officer as she radioed in my license plate and ID in to do the record check. The report must have been short and boring, because it didn’t take long. As she walked back up to my truck, she reached out and laid her hand gently on my tail light. Let me be clear here in case @Meesterboom reads this. She literally placed her hand on my tail light. That isn’t a euphemism for anything naughty.

She handed my license back to me and told me to get my headlight fixed right away. I thanked her and just before she turned away I asked the obvious question, “Why did you put your hand on my tail light?” She blushed and I regretted asking the question for several seconds of silence.

“If you shoot me and drive away, we can use my hand print as evidence if you get caught.” My jaw dropped. I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it.

This morning I spend some time fixing the busted headlight problem. In the first image you can see that the passenger side headlight is half full of water.

Good as new now.

Cheers, Professor Bromide

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Oh I read it! She literally placed her hand on your tail light. I don't care what you say. This is euphemism city!! And then she worried you might shoot her?! I wont even go where I am thinking of going! :O)


That is the 'boom we know and love. You have a gift for innuendo.

Too bad I didn't pull out my cell phone and record it. She was framed perfectly in the side view mirror. If we had a video we could go back and review it to see if she winked at me. She probably winked at me, I'm growing more certain of it.


I think there is no doubt that she winked at you. She might also have touched her bra. What makes me say this, I am quite unsure yet I am sure that it happened.

Hurrah for the lady police!

WOW.. yeah I read about this too.. I haven't been pulled over in a long while, but heard about this practice of touching the "perpetrator" vehicle so that an evidence trail could be established in the event you (as the perp) ran or evaded in some way.


I know with all the bad press lately, and the hostile political environment we tend to think of the police as a hostile encroachment of everything we hold dear.. But we have to remember that most police are "people too", however the recent training of the younger generation of law enforcement officers is not so kind to the population at large.. Now I can understand this from their perspective, since the advent of drugs like meth and heroin are rampant..
But it sure doesn't change the fact that I don't like being viewed as a perpetrator who is "guilty until proven innocent"

Haha funny story! I wonder if it’s true what she said about the fingerprints, or she just came up with that to be witty on the spot.

Careful driving home from the breweries!


Other people have confirmed that patrol cops are trained to leave a handprint. I wonder how often it is used to solve a crime.

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That was a great little story!!

You know, I think I read about this a long time ago in a book about police procedure for mystery writers. I'd totally forgotten about it. Makes a lot of sense, though.

I have a friend who is a police officer and he told me about touching the back of the car as they approach a vehicle, its a sad state of affairs they they need to do this

Well I think I figured out the real reason the police stopped you! You are driving on the wrong side of the road!! hehehe!! Glad I stumbled upon you here on Steemit! Talk soon @professorbromide :D


That first picture got inverted somehow. I only noticed it after I posted it.

I must admit, the officer's answer to your question was quite interesting. I would not have thought of that.


It makes me a little sad that she has to think about that.

Okay I have to ask, why not just syphon the water out of the head light? I know the light needs replacing after all if it gathered water once it will again, but when you first just replaced the bulb did you not notice the water?


Even after the parts guy told me there was probably water in the light, I didn't look for it. I just popped the new bulb in and drove off.

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Yeah, sounds like something I would have done also. Temporary fixes, can leave lasting impressions, like the leaning Tower of Pisa, or now the, memory of why a police officer touches a tail light intentionally. A shame there is such a lack of trust any more, but the police need to do what they do to protect themselves and others.


Lack of trust is right. When I was in grad school, the custodian said that his daughter had just become a state trooper. The very first day on the job, the first guy she stopped for speeding pulled a gun on her.