You Don't Have To Give Nothing To The Police or Courts!

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You Don't Have To Give Nothing To The Police! You don't have to give them your ID, or Car Insurance, or car Registration, or VIN#, or licences plates etc. The only times you may have to is when you committed a crime. (You still don't have to give them your ID then either but if they threaten you if you don't give it to them then tell them your doing so under duress or because your being threatened.

If your not committing a crime, and a true crime by legal definition is a injured person or property. “For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party (Corpus Delicti). Here's a source to learn more about this:

There's a lot of videos of people successfully exercising there rights such as not giving police anything or to Judges in Court. There's also videos where people try to exercise their rights like this with cops and it goes wrong or someone gets hurt. So make sure you be smart when you exercise your rights to police because police can be aggressive and violent and ignorant to our common rights of the land.

Look up and Research these keywords to learn more about our rights and to be free to go when stopped by police and have court cases dismissed or walk out of court, or filing a notice to the court to never even show up to it.

Keywords: Common Law, UCC Law, Legal Remedies, I'm traveling not driving, Admiralty law or maritime law, Blacks Law, UCC Law in Court, Cestui Que Vie.

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Heres additional links and videos:

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Here's a thought: When stopped by a law enforcement officer, cooperate and do as you are asked.

I should went deeper into our rights and why we don't have to. To make it short and brief The Government, Courts, Police, IRS, DMV, etc are Corporations, they violate a lot of our natural rights. The United States has the most incarcerated people out of all countries. It's proven that there's a lot of innocent people in jail and there's a lot of people in jail for minor or harmless crimes. The United States has the most incarcerated people out of all countries. The 13th Amendment did not fully abolish slavery and it clearly states that when you read it. People get hurt and killed a lot by police, there's even warning signs at airports in other countries that warn people when flying to the USA from all of the police brutality showing. This Blog post is for the people that understand the Government does not have our best interests and what we can do to get our power back in a NON violent way.

I repeat: Cooperate with law enforcement.

lol idk if your serious or joking, either way I respect your views and beliefs

Speaking as a former LEO, I assure you I am not joking. Cooperate with LEOs and quite claiming victimhood.

Did you read my post? I would like to here what your response to the specifics. Like how they say a thing is a crime but there isn't a crime if there's no injured body etc.

Speeding for an example is not a crime. A speeding ticket only goes to a commercial vehicle that has cargo. Private cars that are traveling don't. We don't have to pay for tags, registration, insurance. They are taxing us for money, and have this court system, jail system, and police system to make money. They are Corporations. I don't know about you but do you like to pay taxes and pay traffic tickets and fees that you don't have to?

I choose not to cooperate nor consent to/with LEOs. As long as there has NOT been a crime by definition an injured party I do not cooperate.

It is simple: Obey the laws, cooperate with law enforcement and quit playing the victim. If you think the laws are oppressing, change them, don't ignore them. What you think about what is a "crime" and what is not is meaningless. Period. Your opinion isn't going to help when an officer hands you a speeding ticket. If you are actually foolish enough to think our laws do not apply to you, you are most likely heading for an unpleasant dose of reality. Speeding, for instance, has been determined to be a crime by our elected representatives - and neither they, nor anyone else, cares what you think. If you speed, be prepared to pay heavily for doing so.

I'm not playing victim here I'm simply aware that these are not TRUE laws. I'm simply aware of my true natural rights. I'm not ignoring the law I'm exercising and standing up for my constitutional rights. And its not my opinion its REAL Laws, just read UCC Law.

I myself have explained this to a few LEO Supervisors and they confirmed that it is true. You can watch the videos here to see the proof or you can research yourself.

I'm aware of true laws like UCC 1-308 regarding a living human being not a person which in the legal dictionary actually means fictional entity.

Do you know Uniform Commercial Code Law?

Do you know Cestui Que Vie Trust?
If you don't know what Cestui Que Vie Trust is, look it up and let me know what you think. I would like to hear from you if you don't know what it is sir.