Police Bekuk Drug Dealers in Lhokseumawe

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Opsnal Sat Sat Team Lhokseumawe Police arrested arresters of Sabu and Ganja at Lorong Tenggiri Village Kampung Jawa Lama District of Banda Sakti Lhokseumawe, Monday (11/9) at 19.30.

The suspect who was arrested was
ES (49) Self-employed residents Lorong Tenggiri Village Kampung Jawa lama Banda Sakti Sub-district Lhokseumawe City.

Lhokseumawe Police Chief AKBP Hendri Budiman through Drug Abuse AKP Mukhtar said the arrest of the suspect originated from the public information that the location of the suspect allegedly often do the sale and purchase of Sabu and Ganja. The team then proceeded to investigate the location.

He continued, the results of the investigation of the information is allegedly true, so the team Opsnal Sat Drugs suspect the suspect and conduct searches suspect bodies and houses. The search result was found on the evidence of narcotics type of shabu and marijuana in the suspect's house.

"Evidence of two packages of shabu weighing 2.26 g / gross, two am marijuana weighing 79.47 g / gross, also secured one unit of GHL silver brand, a wallet, black Nokia mobile phone and a plastic ball" he explained.

Currently the suspects and evidence are secured in the Lhokseumawe Police Drug Sat for further inspection process. image


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