Democracy in Poland is a joke...

in poland •  2 years ago 

As above, democracy in Poland is a hell of a joke lately thanks to midget, but yesterday it won a partial, momentary reprieve when Andrzej Duda ('President') voted two controversial bills that would have given the ruling Law&Justice party direct power over Poland's courts.
Partial, because Duda did sign a bill giving the Justice Ministry control over local court. Momentary, because Duda has said he would introduce his own version of the legislation soon.
It is not a secret that L&J and its leader Jarosław Midget Kaczynski have their sights set on judicial independence, one of the few remaining check on their control of the Polish state.

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I apreciate your article, I have just one observation... Switzerland is the only country nearest to democracy... In all the rest countries from the Earth "democracy" is just an empty word... Single form of democracy is "direct Democracy"...


There is no democracy anymore and those that use this phrase simply lie

Już raz to mówiłem i powiem to znowu, nie powinno tutaj być polityki bo zrobi sie taka gownoburza ktorej nie ogarniesz