🎴Steemit Poker Pro League - 50 SBD Guaranteed Freeroll - June 29th @ 8PM CDT / 1AM UTC 🎴

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Steemit Pro League.png
Free to join. Free to play. Come sign up and win some SBD!


Thursday, June 29th @ 8PM CDT / 1 AM UTC.


  • Download PokerStars software and install it.
  • Follow the instructions in the GIF below.
  • Be sure to enter your @steemit-username correctly.


Place1-30 Players30+ Players
1st25 SBD20 SBD
2nd15 SBD12 SBD
3rd10 SBD8 SBD
4th6 SBD
5th4 SBD


  • Buy-In : 24,250 Play Chips.
  • Starting Chips : 3,000
  • Starting Level : 15/30
  • KO Bounty of 4250 play chips on every player.
  • 1 SBD to whoever knocks me, Tuck Fheman, out of the tournament.
  • 1 SBD to whoever knocks @bigpchef out of the tournament.
  • Break every hour.

SPL Pro Game 1.png

Limited Spots

We are limited to 50 players in the league and there are 32 spots left.

Each player that applies will be screened carefully before being admitted. We are looking for people who are passionate about poker, play daily and just have a love for the game. If that's you, then we'll know it by your blog here on Steemit and you'll be allowed in. :)


  • Must be able to follow the instructions above.


  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from The League for any reason.
  • The most likely reason will be lack of play.
  • We are not responsible for players supplying an incorrect steemit username for payment.


Join one of our chat channels.



How Is This Legal?

We're using play money on PokerStars. You do not have to buyin with real money on PokerStars to play. There is a catch however. PokerStars really wants you to buy their play money chips, so they barely give you enough to get into a tournament by forcing the tournament fees to be 17,000+ minimum.

What this means is you need to go to the CASHIER and COLLECT some play chips every 4 hours (12500 chips) to play for free OR you can buy their play chips in the same area for a few bucks for a million or so play chips to enter freeroll tourneys.

Players low on play chips can also ask a friend with some to spare to play them HU in a cash game and dump some to them.

You will win the play money in the tournament on PokerStars and win the designated SBD prize pool amount stated prior to the tournament, which will be paid out here on Steemit by this @tuck-fheman account.


I've just applied! Although my steemit account doesn't have posts about poker yet, I am a good poker player. I've been playing on PokerStars since 2013 and can verify my play on OPR. I hope I get accepted into the club and I look forward to it.

Does PS allow you to edit the comment you entered when joining? You entered an incorrect steemit name and I just dont want there to be any issues down the road. I have it corrected in my sheet, but please fix it on PS, if you're able to, thanks!

I thought I wrote it down as @earnonlinewith... I can't seem to be able to change it but I can try resigning from the club and rejoin afresh if that's okay?

Yeah give that a shot please, thanks.

Update: Scratch that, no need, you're good. I just realized they dont even show us that field again after you sign up.

Sweet, I look forward to catching some fish on Thursday.

Very nice Author
Keep it up
Love poker
Highly Appreciated

why not buy SBD or STEEM POWER here on the community instead of going there and paying for the coins and then hope to win SBD @tuck-fheman

Its free to enter

Cool idea, good luck @ll. I'm afraid I haven't any time, perhaps the next time?

These are fantastic events. Sadly I can't make this one as I'm on holiday with the family but I'll be sure to attend upcoming tournaments from next week. I'd like to thanks all those involved in organising these events and creating the prize pool.

@tuck-fheman - RESTEEMED ONE MORE TIME :)

Bloody hell finally exactly how i imagined it... Real poker platform :) See you on PokerStars! If i don't fall a sleep... Ahahahhaha :)


Digital Lucifer

Why don't we create our own platform and play with our own currency. A decentralized poker room. So we can avoid all sorts of shadiness.

one day hopefully

Holy Crap! I gotta check this out after getting some sleep....

Very Tempting @tuck-fheman, but I would be Scared to Lose My Ass On This.... haha....
me trying to reconcile my rusty poker skills

Yeeey one more you are indeed on fire tuck I LUV POKER !

I love poker

Ayyy Thursday is going to be a fun Poker day for sure my friend.

I really love the whole Steemit-poker idea! Hopefully I'll be eligible for the pro league soon.
gl gl everyone!

I just signed up. Didn't know this poker league existed until a couple hours ago! This is awesome, thanks.

Amazing ! I love poker! What a wonderful idea to creat this league! I hope you gonna post more posts like this! :)))