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    When I posted about playing No Rake Poker at about 10 days ago, I mentioned that I was able to climb up by playing Freerolls which are generously offered at the site, and then later some paid games and I was successful enough (or lucky enough) to cash in most contests I joined. Since that post, I had very limited success and after some self-analysis, it was because I wasn’t focused in playing poker. It was a busy period for me at work, and also, I have been researching and investing on some cryptos which took a lot of my time. Admittedly, I was also focusing more on MLB DFS both at NoLimit site and Fanduel. 

 It doesn’t matter how much I love the game, if my primary motivation for playing poker at those times were just to remain visible as part of the community or to support the platform. I should stick to my plan of playing only if my schedule allows it. I didn’t have the competitive juice. I call it “zombie” playing. Just going with the flow.

 After realizing that, I stopped playing. I didn’t want everyone to think I was a total donk, and I was playing like one. Then @crashpoker posted about last Sunday’s Main Contest with 60K GTD. I told myself, this is where I will test if I can refocus. I don’t have to win, but I want to observe if I will play correctly, and make good decisions. Well I won 1st place worth 27K NLC2 and I like the fact that I didn’t re-buy but only used the add-on. It showed that I was very careful because I entered the tourney late and had been short stack for most of it.  

Crucial Plays

 I folded a couple of mid-pairs pre-flop which for me took a lot of discipline because I was short stack, and just waiting for an all-in hand, and it was only 6-handed so my mid-pairs had good value. Well, until a raise and a re-raise of course, which was what happened. Folding those were crucial because I was able to win pots immediately after folding both. Tourney Poker is indeed about survival. 

Another strategy I employed is being more aggressive when playing on the bubble. The tourney pays 4 places so understandably everyone (except the chip leader) suddenly were playing tight. At least to my perspective, I don’t know what they had but you can sense there was less aggressiveness. So, I played more aggressive, not recklessly but aggressive with a purpose. I was able to grab some pots and position my self where I can be patient again. Long story short, it worked out. Luck is always a part of tourney play and yes I got lucky on some hands.

So, am I back or this was just a fluke? I won't have time to play a lot the next few week so I won't find out but I will certainly enjoy this victory for now.

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Awesome post bud nice win.

Congrats buddy!!

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