The Bets & Bros 20 SBD Poker Freeroll

in poker •  6 months ago


The SBC is teaming up with the BRO Sports™ Contest Division and the Steem Poker League to bring you a monthly 20 SBD poker freeroll on

The Bets & Bros is a No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament that will take place on the first Saturday every month. The 20 SBD poker freeroll is sponsored by the SBC and BRO Sports™.

The first tournament starts Saturday, June 2nd at 5 PM GMT/ 7 PM CET/ 1PM ET.

Registration begins two hours before the tournament starts.


🂡 BRO Sports™ Discord 🂡 SBC Discord 🂡 Steem Poker League Discord 🂡

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Great jobs guy.
Looking forward to teaming up with Bro Sports and Steem Poker League!
To bad, I can play the first one :(


How about the football contest ?


Awesome to team up with them! The sports community has definitely grown in the past few months on Steemit and will be awesome for the 2018/2019 season!


It will, we just need to make sure that we will become a real community!
You and @djoker are going the extra mile, to bad not everybody within the community is doing this!
The world cup will be an important milestone for the community!


I definitely agree i'm glad we have such a big event in the middle of summer to keep us busy until the 2018/2019 season. Otherwise it would have been a bit of a long summer without some of the big sports. Even though tennis and golf would be in full swing! Now add our poker to the mix on saturdays and we're laughing!

A very long time since I played poker the last time but I excitingly look forward to do so on Saturday.