A bad Poker night left me a lesson.

in #poker4 years ago

One of the things that I like the most in Poker is the sensations that it generates.

Today I take some time to play poker, after a few moves I lost everything and look at this:

Would you also enter the play without fear of losing everything, with a couple of Q from the start?

Today I understood something and that is that not being afraid does not mean acting like an aggressive maniac. It's about thinking ...

It is very important to understand the essence of Poker, and assume that MANY times being favorites, playing correctly, the opponent will link a magic card and lose, or we will be eliminated from a tournament. But the important thing is not to demoralize, and to assume it as part of the game (if the favorite always wins the game is very boring).

Abandoning out of fear or avoiding confrontations does not make sense in Poker.

I hope in the next move i have more luck.


You hate to see it! It's incredibly frustrating to lose this type of hands, but in reverse, it is incredibly stimulating.

As you mentioned, poker is such an incredible game because it doesn´t matter how favourite you are, unless your opponent is drawing dead, then you might lose...

Yes, poker is fascinating, in spite of losing, he returned to the table immediately. Thanks for commenting on my post.

Was this at a real money table. Its hard to give any review of the hand without knowing how it played.

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