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Are you ready to see your name in lights? Ready to prove your poker skills? Maybe you just want to see how much free SBD other Steemians are raking in for participating in the SPL's free poker tournaments?

One of my favorite strategies while playing poker is to check the Biggest Donk List to see if anyone at my table is easy prey. - @internetguy

If you are ready to prove you have what it takes to win free SBD and be the best in your class, then this post is for you. Here you will discover a reference to all the stats to conquer (along with helpful tips on how you can score high).

Just win this tournament once and you could be listed and reign as the League Champion for one week
Top 3 players ranked according to the amount of SBD they have won playing in SPL's 50 SBD Tournament. This tournament has only 3 winners and is played once or twice a week. Winning this epic event will definately get you on the board and one step closer to Player Of The Week ! (more on this later)

Top 5 players ranked according to the amount of SBD they have won playing .60 SBD games or lower. To get on this list, play as many as you can and be one of the top 5 earners for the week.

Top 5 players ranked according to the amount of SBD they have won playing games whose prize pool is 1.2 SBD to 3.0 SBD. To get on this list, play as many as you can and be one of the top 5 earners for the week.

Top 3 ranked according to the most profitable. Here we take the amount of SBD they have won and divide by the number of times played giving us the players average earnings per event. The secret to getting on this list is to play as little as possible and win big. You will need to play at least 3 events to qualify. Rankings are weekly and all-time.

Top 3 ranked by number of times played in the week. This one is easy to get on. Just play more tourneys or sngs than anyone else for the week and get on top. In addition, you'll probably win more SBD and get ranked on other lists as well, putting you that much closer to Player Of The Week!

These are the top 3 who win the most consistently. To qualify you must play at least 3 events for the week. Have the highest win rate for the week and you are #1 for the week and one step closer to Player Of The Week.


These are lists you DON'T want to be on. Landing here will definately keep you from Player Of The Week. However, on the flip side, you will win the award as DONK OF THE WEEK!

The top 3 players who have demonstrated they love going out before they reach the money. Ranking based on the number of times they played by the number of times they finished on the bubble.

The top 3 players who demonstrated they just don't have the will to win this week. These are the players who played the most times without ever scoring a first place finish this past week. To stay off this list, make sure you win at least one tournament or sit-n-go weekly.

In addition to the above, you can also find SPL's all-time SBD earnings and top Lucksacks (SPL's casino of choice) chip leaders. Data for the lists starts on July 10, 2017, when SBD was first added to the data for tracking.

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@internetguy on the cover of Poker Digest

Please Resteem this post. Let's make everyone aware of the fun competition and challenges that await them playing free @SPL poker tournaments.

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excuse me.

I am OFFENDED that you would look at the biggest donk list to see who might be easy prey, seeing as how I am ON said donk list...

;) lol, thanks for all you do, guy.

@bethalea you got to get yourself off the donk list.

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Ayyy that Poker Digest pic is so sweet o weeeee OG Legend right there

@cheifmappster thnaks. Yes. I was working at the world's largest card casino, Commerce Casino when the magazine decided they wanted to do an article on the casino's tournament staff so me and my fellow tournamnets staffers got on the cover. Trivia: Prior to 2003 (when Moneymaker won the World Series and changed poker forever) poker magazines would exclusively feature someone who worked in the industry for one of the major card rooms (it was the card rooms who were paying the mags for advertising so mags would feature each month casino on the cover). In this case it was Commerce and its tournamnet staff.

After 2003 when an ordinary joe who parlayed a small amount of $$$ to win the World Series, poker became a big deal. Everyone wanted to know about these players who play tournaments. So after 2003 magazines no longer put casinos on the cover, instead they would feature a famous poker player. To get on the cover now, you would have to win a major tournament.

Holy smokes man I did not know that. What a wild progressionand you got to see all of it first hand thats incredible. Yeah I remember when Moneymaker won make in 03, our home games really got busy after that haha.

Hope to see you on the cover of a magazine again one of these days :)