Poisoning in Pregnancy

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Today we will talk about a problem that requires all women to be cautious about pregnancy. Preeclampsia with the name of pregnancy poisoning in medicine; The problem is that the placenta cannot nourish the baby due to excessive narrowing of the vessels laying the uterus. Pregnancy intoxication is a disease that should be observed with serious consequences that may lead to maternal and infant mortality.

Especially after the 20th week of pregnancy, the blood pressure of the expectant mother should be carefully observed.

The first and most important symptom is that the normal rate of blood pressure during pregnancy increases to the defined limits. Another symptom you can detect in pregnancy poisoning is the sudden and rapid edema in the body.

You should consult your doctor if you feel an abnormal swelling in your hand, foot, and face. Sudden weight gain compared to the normal weight taken during pregnancy is another symptom. When the protein is found in the urine test, the probability of pregnancy poisoning becomes stronger.

Therefore, if you have one or more of the symptoms such as fatigue, edema and blood pressure problems, you should consult with the physician who follows your pregnancy.

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