Welcome to the Poetry Seed Garden [Contest #1] - Top 3 Seed Poems Win $SBD!

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Welcome to the Garden

Here in the Poetry Garden, we like to promote creativity through
expression of words, in the multi-form art of poetry.

Good news is I came across some seeds and planted them. This is
a garden for words, after all. Any moment now they should be

If you've been following along, I often write poetry and post it on
Steemit for you all to enjoy, and to hopefully inspire you to
write something yourself. Anything at all.

We've done a few in the past, but now it's time to officiate it. So, I
create this image to get us all started...

It looks like our seeds are sprouting, I wonder which words will

It's time!

Hurry, let's go over the rules:

  1. Create a post containing a poem of any type.
  2. The poem must contain the seed words, somewhere within.
  3. Include the Golden Seed's word for bonus points, when it appears.
  4. Tagged with #poetryseeds
  5. Link your poem down in the comments below.
  6. Upvote this post.
  7. Resteem this post.

Winner Selection

  1. Carried out by @hypexals-spiral
  2. May involve guest judges input.
  3. Follows this posts payout.
  4. Payout follows within a few days. Be patient.


1st Place: $2.50 SBD
2nd Place: $1.50 SBD
3rd Place: $1.00 SBD

Words have sprouted forth...

how will you choose to use them?



A Golden Seed has appeared!

Will you include it for bonus?



I look forward to reading all your entries!
^^ !Happy Creating! ^^


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Hey, awesome idea! The world needs more poetry :)

Here is my submission: https://steemit.com/poetry/@stonedbenots/a-breakfast-scene

Thanks for your entry. Much appreciated!

I'm in....struggled with using these words so why not write about it! :-)

Good on ya for sticking to it. Cheers!

Well I didn't expect to write a poem about that, but this is what these words extracted from me: https://steemit.com/poetry/@hopehuggs/being-me-being-you-an-original-poem-by-hope-huggs

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