Poetry Dice Entry: For You

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This poem is an entry to the Poetry Dice Challenge: Week 26,
using all 9 prompts along the theme of Romance.

Courtesy of Pixabay

For You

For you,
I have walked barefoot
in the scorching sands
of a vast desert.

For you,
I have searched
in musty air
of ancient tombs;
my torch uncovers
insects breeding in the dark,
but where are you,
my brightest gem?

For you,
I have crossed
rivers full of piranhas,
their teeth chomping
upon the sight of a man.

For you,
I have surfed on crowds
looking for your face
amongst a sea of aliens.

For you,
I sank my heart
in a bucket of truth
that solidifies like cement.

For you,
I gave my last breath;
we shall meet again
in another life.

I have adapted this poem into spoken word:

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I don't think I've ever read a romance poem that has such an adventure contained! I almost felt like I was the Tomb Raider looking for their lost love. I dig this! Glad to come over and check your work out :)

I appreciate you saying that :D

Love can be the biggest adventure, for some of us, so that's interesting that my poem portrayed it that way

LOL What @falseyedols says :) Sometimes being in love feels like you're an extra in "the mummy" ;) Great poem Jeremy!

Hopefully, a human extra