Steemit Poetry Contest #16 + Winners of #15!

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DISCLAIMER - Yes, I know that the Steemit logo has changed, but I like the old one more and do not want to change it :)


My Greetings To You!

The theme for Steemit Poetry Contest #16 - Imagination

About Prizes:

First Place - 6 SBD

Second Place - 5 SBD

Third Place - 4 SBD

Fourth Place - 3 SBD

Fifth Place - 2 SBD

Sixth Place - 1 SBD

Entries will be accepted within five days from the date of publication of an announcement!

Deadline - February 23 1:00 PM UTC

The winners of the Steemit Poetry Contest #15

1st Place - "Nocturnal Overload" by @nicholas83 @

The junkie shot up one night and ODed and died.

The Narcan used did not work for

it was not exactly from an opioid high.

Yes, he shot up that night and could not write.

Aloud he cried when the words came not

and clutched and banged and beat his heart.

But the bellows did not the rush obscure,

and reality hit when he hit the floor.

He knew not the I that was he, and forgot what he did want to be,

so he searched for comfort where eyes never could see,

to search behind the shadows great,

the elusive thing, nocturnal bliss.

2nd Place - "Long Night" by @isteemithard

The light was bright but has since passed,

now stars above twinkle, some shoot by fast.

Large and white, the moon sits high,

black and blue hues fill the sky,

Out come fireflies, bats, and even a bandicoot,

mice and rabbits run, an owl gives a hoot.

Nocturnal is the name,

survival is the game.

Whats here today maybe gone tomorrow,

except for the wind that blows through Chicago.

They say when darkness comes just wait, soon light will follow,

well lets just say those 'they' have never been to Barrow.

3rd Place - "A NIGHT" by @divineinyang

A night will bare her darkened skin,

Free of fear, or shame of sin.

A night will shine her darkened light,

And in her dome all dreams take flight...

A night will sing a song of sorrow,

And peace will sink in sunken hollows.

A night will shush the noise of day,

And with her charm, shall sentience sway...

A night will call the heat of love,

And splash a passion on the skies above.

A night will dry, a night will rain,

And night, shall forever night remain...

4th Place - "A Knight At Night" by @chrisroberts

I met a knight one night as I was walking through the park,

Perched atop a shining, stately steed.

The knight he said, "The path ahead is swallowed by the dark,

So stick with me and follow where I lead."

The night said "Fear me, tremble boy, you should be home in bed."

The knight said "Stay behind my flaming lance,"

The night said "Turn back now, you fool, my darkness soon shall spread,"

The knight just said "Take courage and a chance."

We pressed on through the dark, and though I didn't know the way,

The knight protected me with light and song.

Fight the night, or else it might your resolution sway;

To give up and go home is more than wrong.

5th Place - "Return Me To The Night" by @calluna

Immerse me in the darkness

Let the night claim me as her own

In this shifting moonlit

I don’t have to be alone

Lay me on the moorland

Where the peat and night are one

Let me fade into the darkness

Until all that was is gone

Let me watch the stars swirl

Through clouds drifting by

Set me free in the night time

Beneath the dew dripped sky

6th Place - "Night in Daylight's Cloak" by @lymmerik

As night is always somewhere upon our spinning globe,

It’s shadows somehow darken our planet’s spinning strobe.

When stars appear up in the sky away from daylight’s robe,

Then dreams will fill our sleep tonight within our frontal lobe.

Awake we are in daylight to seek our fame and hope,

It’s sad to say that sometimes we fail in fear and scope.

When day is done we rest our head with twilight to elope,

It’s just some simple shuteye so tomorrow we may cope.

The night is here upon us and we are barely woke,

We spend our nights in slumber to carry daylight’s yoke.

Near half our life is sleeping for which the night has spoke,

The rest of life is reaching for night in daylight’s cloak.

Rules of The Contest!

  • Only one entry is allowed.

  • Your entry-post must be tagged both #poetry and #poetrycontest

  • The Title must be "SteemitPoetryContest #(with the number of the actual episode)" + the name of your poem.

  • You can use any types of rhyme - End rhyme, Cross rhyme, Internal etc.

  • The size of the poem - three quatrains (one quatrain = four lines).

  • Do not steal! The contest is only original works!

I wish everyone good luck and creativity!

Let's make STEEMIT more interesting and varied together!

Sincerely, Terry Craft.


Here is my entry for this week

The Imagination

Tic toc the clock is dripping,
or wait can it be slipping?
No no silly, you must mean ticking,
shh the clock is listening.

That box of colors with a bird head neck,
has cats for brains, wait what the heck?
A you know what, with a fish you know where,
checking out a pair of shh don't swear.

There's a man over there sitting in a chair,
his back turned in disgrace, or could it be despair?
Son enough is enough, this sounds like dreams,
but dad I saw it I'm not imagining things.


Oh wow thank you so much! It is such an honour to come in 5th, this contest is always so inspiring. Having a theme and structure, as well as the need to rhyme, seems to really help push my creativity. I have written so many poems for each round, and I am always just so grateful to you for inspiring me to write so many new things. It is really the icing on the cake to be picked! Thank you very, very much!

Congrats to all the winners, and thank you @terrycraft for this wonderful contest!
Here is my entry for this week .


I magine nations fearlessly entwined,
M obile citizens and open borders,
A narchies transparently inclined,
G overned only by internal orders.

I magine nations bound by common will,
N ot twisted by the motives of a few,
A narchy empowered to fulfill
T errestrial potentials anew.

I magine nations coming together
O bligated by the common weal,
N ecessitated by a love of brother,
S ociety embracing what is real.

Love it! The word play and the acrostic are terrific!

Thanks for the win. It means so much to me. and congrats to the other winners also.

Congrats to all the winners of contest-15, and thanks to @terrycraft once again for making this contest is my entry for contest-16

Thanks for Contest # 16!
Here is my entry.

I See You Now!
By: @Lymmerik

A journey through my mind last night. Your voice kept saying, “go left, no right.”
I felt your strange and constant stare. But when I looked, you were not there.
“Hey,” I asked, “are you for real? Some insight now would be ideal.”
“Third eyes are keen,” you said to me. “I am unseen, but you believe.”

Upon your back I perched to peer. A distant mist, but aft is clear.
You gave me hope. I could relate. My path ahead, behind me lay.
“Your question is, do I exist?” And then you said, “unlock, untwist.”
“Are you,” I asked, “behind the veil? And should I stalk neglected trails?”

You take me here, you take me there. At times, you take me everywhere.
What and where and when and how? So why ignore you here and now?
“I see,” I said, “it’s up to me. What’s locked is blocked without a key.”
You challenged me with inspiration. I see you now…imagination.”

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!
Please visit my blog to read I See You Now! CLICK HERE

That was fun, and definitely no a limerick... lol!

Thx. Not a limerick here. I really love this contest. One of my favorites.

@#$%. That's a devastating poem! Building creepily until the full force of accumulated tension releases, unexpectedly, in that last line...

Love this.

Here's my entry for this week,

Take a walk with me as I stroll through my mind
Through stories untold and fantasies in time
This world within another only I can find
Where being normal is a perpetuated crime

Welcome to my imaginarium
Where anything is possible
Locked up in my cranium
With creativity inexhaustible

I'll trade you my stories for your elation
Come closer so I can share
This is the @francistagbo imagination
No others can compare

Hi @terrycraft. About the deadline for the ep #16 do you mean february 23 ?

Nice concept but am not happy i wasn't part of the contest, please when is it coming up again? Would love to take part. Thank ypu

Awesome upvote? Boy

Hi, terrycraft, I'm going to participate in this contest.

Thanks for the contest and thank you for judging my poem for 6th place. Congratulations to all the winners. See you in contest # 16.

I love your style! :)

Thank you. I am flattered by your compliment . It just erupts from this crazy imagination.

Hola! This is my entry link

Do you need me to post it in this comment thread as well?

Write4Life xoxo @nikisteem

Do you need me to post it in this comment thread as well?

nope )

Have everyones imagination on leash while writing the next one!


I can't wait to see your next poem. You're doing great! Thank you for participating.

I am very grateful to you sir, for considering my work worthy of such honour. Looking forward to the next one..

Steady post, thanks for the information

Thanks so much for picking me for 2nd place it means a lot and will push me to put even more thought and effort into this next round. I really enjoyed "Night in Daylight's Cloak" by @lymmerik and "Nocturnal Overload" by @nicholas83


Your poem touched me, really! Maybe it's not saturated with metaphors and other play of words, but it does convey feelings! In fact, it is very difficult to choose, because any choice is just my subjective opinion... but really great poems more and more!


I believe Feelings are what poetry is all about. But not just the basic feelings like; anger, love, happy, sad, hot or cold. I think its all the feelings, all senses that can be.

side note: Even though the logo on steemit has changed the logo for Steem is still the same so your logo is just as Great.

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #24. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

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If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Great poems, Winners, well deserved,
I got excited to submit an entry for the next ..
Its gonna be interesting,,,, Good idea @terrycraft

Congrats to all winner! Some excellent entries.

@terrycraft is this an old post or just a mistype on the date? It says January 23. I am asking because I am thinking of joining. And I was not updated on your recent contests, sorry. :)

February, of course. )

All right! Time to make my contest piece. Thank you :)

This is my entry to the contest

Imagine a world
Where there is love to share
And no one has a reason to beg
To get their daily bread

Imagine a time
When a man's world will suffice
Because there is no reason to lie
A time when there was trust

Imagine if people
Decide to show more care
Nobody will have a reason to despair
Because no back will lay bare

Here is my entry for this week. Congrats to the winners. I hope i win this time...

this great @terrycraft this an opportunity to the minnow who had an talent in writing poetry, I try to do my best thanks for this contest.

Omg. This is nice. I wish I can try next time.

Congratulations to the winners

My first ever entry for the poetry contest! I tried to give it a little imagination, a broad but delicious topic. Thanks for hosting @terrcraft good luck everyone :)

Here's my entry for Contest #16. You can also see it below :)

Image Source


Marked for everyone to see,
Raw, open, bleeding out,
Unable to heal my heart.

Laying there untreated, undone,
Broken, scarred, inside out,
Trying to sew the holes that have come undone.

Glued together piece by piece,
Only to have another piece torn open again,
Stigmatized, marked for everyone to see.


Big thank you for holding this contest. I've never shared my work before and it feels great to have an opportunity to do so. I hope you enjoy!

thanks @terrycraft for this amazing contest..!
congrats to all winners!

by the way here is my entry for this week

thank you so much

Here's my entry! Have a wonderful time flowing through all of the beautiful poetry this contest creates! One love!

Imagination - the true ruler of nation

Dear sir @terrycraft,

Thank you for sharing works of steemian poets. Thank you for the appreciation too.

I would also like to confirm for the deadline? Is supposed to be on February 23?

Thank you.



Oops) I fix it - yes, February, of course. Thank )

Thank you @Terrycraft for the quick response!

Lovelots, @morken

Winner @nicholas83, very deserving. An amazing piece of writing.
Congratulations to all. A wonderful collection of poetry, the standard is great.

@terrycraft This is my entry post

Lonely as i have always been
Till i got company
Heard a yelp of agony
Accompianed with a pool of blood

Belioidered and Astonished
Wanting to cry for help
In discovery of the loss of my mouth
Seeing my self in the pool of blood

The yelp i heard were that of my family
I was an hostage
Bleeding, Dying as i laid and Died
Just to wake up in Christ

Thanks for the opportunity to express myself through poetry @terrycraft , here's my entry;

I sadly missed last week's contest due to being ill, but hopefully you all enjoy this week's : ). Good luck everyone!

"...behind the shadows great/The elusive thing/Nocturnal bliss" has such a mystical yearning to it... Beautiful @nicholas83/

Congratulations to all of the winners! Awesome entries everyone <3

Here is my entry for this week:


I know they're there
Maybe you don't see them
But that doesn't keep
Me from hearing them

When they promise, wordlessly
To hurt me
Beneath the skin
Where no one can see

A child who begs you
To leave the door open
Knows perception is not

....aaaaaaand here I come once again with a last minute edit. This new version makes more sense I hope you get to read it @terrycraft 😜

It's my first time to join this interesting contest I hope you will visit my entry

Thank you for sharing this with us the result, we appreciate that. @terrycraft

Hello I am new here and recently started writing and I would like to congratulate the winners of the last episode.
Here is the link to my entry:
Title: Unreal reality.

Below is my entry for this week

*Formless like an ocean fluid
*Calm it may seem to be
*Time and again it suggests to our fears
*Take, handle, change Nigeria with me

*Sweeping, boundless, your pictures glow
*Men your bid they ought but do
*Master, singer, blow your horn
*Softly, lets follow, your dictates speak

*You wield our all, you may not know
*Your splendour, it sounds like fairytale
*The Nations so great, your workings are they
*A drop of your magic on our shores we seek

This is my entry for this week

*Your world so vast and enviable
*Your creations, marvelous, perfect and green
*Albert Einstein scooped a measure of you
*Our intellect burns when you rage

*Visit Africa my lonely friend, a trip remarkable
*Guide our mind, hands, in fact our acts
*Ring your verbals of hope on our soil
*Our mouth asks: 'what must we do'?

*Like players on a pitch of soccer
*The dribbles, your brainchild they are
*We must but taste your efficacy for sure
*Or else, we have our courage to blame

Hello, this in my entry


Imagine what would be done
if I were a butterfly
feeling the wind, feeling the beep
if you were, all in one thing

Imagine what would be done
If I were a Magician
trying to keep you inside
inside the light

Today, fly as a butterfly
swim as a shark
walk like a wolf
imagine all in one thing

Thank you very much @terrycraft

Do you plan to host a contest for longer works as well? (Or know of anyone who does?) I generally write more than the twelve lines requested (though I usually go in triplets rather than quatrains anymore - don't know why, lol)

Thanks @terrycraft for this opportunity for those who had talent composing poem.I am just trying to make one for me this is now my entry in poetry contest

Please @terrycraft
I just wanted to confirm if you did get my entry for the #15 contest cus I had issues with my net work trying to send it but it later showed sent....
Just wanted to know if you got it...
Well-done all winners, you guys are really great

Congratulations to those who got in! :D For those who participated, but did not make it like me, let us do better next time. ;) God bless us all~

You got a 6.60% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @bennettitalia!

Just found you :) Saying hi and laughed out loud about Chicago winds haha Keep thinking "the only thing guaranteed in life is death, a head fuck (Atmosphere) and a bone whipping Chicago experience" lol . I'll be joining you all on your next venture ;)

So glad I stumbled on this! Thank you for organizing and I look forward to joining in the future as well. Here is my entry for this week

Thanks for hosting this! Here is my entry:

Darkness routs the last stubborn ray of light
A black, blank canvas world prepared for brush,
Palette supplied by my fancy in flight
Thoughts seeking form to my sleepy head rush.

Constrained by none of earth's physical laws
Soul free to dance into new dimensions.
I slipped the grasp of reality's claws
To explore boundless realms of intention.

The Universe sends the spirit guides
Bringing me subtle inspiration.
Madness, genius, the spectrum is wide
But all in my imagination.

Dear @terrycraft,

If it's OK, I've included your Poetry Contest in my article about the various Steem contests here

Please do let me know if there is anything missing and if there are any other contests that you think I should feature. Thanks!

This is my entry:

The Kaleidoscopic Weave

Go ahead, bring home that prize,
A single, monochromatic thread,
Of the whole kaleidoscope spread,
That for you already fades and dies.

That’s the rainbow weave of things
Which could have been and they were not,
For which I lose my way, out of the spot,
Or better, I lose you with my wings.

This fishing net of infinite hues
Catches me up from the big gray.
Thus, I wish forever to remain astray,
hoisted in the imagination cruise.

Cordial Saludos to host @terrycraft and all participants:

Mind your Mind

Innovation comes from the
most dazzl'ling use of mind,
always searching out for a
genius thought left to be mined.

Ideas each awaken
new truths for us to find.
Absolute Infinity,
too relative, has mind.

I can see the links between
one future and a sign;
no doubt imagination
starts right inside our minds.

My imaginative entry, just for you!

Master Our World: The Pleas of an Imaginary Race

Where does thy beasts have left to dwell
When the imagination proclaims is rest
And allows no more the wandering mind
To conjure up and manifest their nest

What’s held within the pages of your mind
When your book of imaginativeness is closed
And reality like a sinking stone tied to your will
leaves teleofunctionality, in its naked light exposed.

So I beg of you don’t give in to reality
However hard it seems to call
For you remain our point of convergence
and you are our reality the creator of us all.

Here is my entry and the first poem I have written since the age of about 8 I'd say.. I'm 36 now :o)

Run Wild

A pink planet, that spins like a washing machine,
Waterfalls flowing back and right up a ravine,
Impossible feats carried out as we dream,
Our thoughts come to life like a consciousness stream.

These things we can see as the synapses zap,
And like flies they are caught in our mind - it's a trap,
We allowed it to flourish when young as a child,
But now as an adult we wont let it run wild.

So close up those eyes and remember you're free,
let your mind be the pilot and your heart fill with glee,
It can bring you to Mars, to Hawaii or Naples,
Just remember like food, the mind needs its staples.

Hello @terrycraft! Here is my entry:

Imagination at Work

wow,,, congrats to all winners,,, why im not seeing this earlier? im fun writing poetry, though not so good but it is what im doing here :),,, can i join next time?

Thanks for the topic, this one took me back to childhood :)

hi,, good day i would to submit my entry,, heres the link thanks

Wow great theme for the new contest. Great job friend, I will again try to swim in the world of imagination. Thanks.

I think I tagged my post wrongly because it has had like no views! Oh dear.
I am posting it here now in case that was what happened

Limitless imagination

Never limit your imagination
Or dampen creative thought
For what would our world be
Without such subtle motivation

There would be no such thing as HDTV
Or vivid VR animations for us to see
If humankind did not yearn to know more each day
We would still be sitting around like prehistoric man

So close your eyes and embrace your limitless imagination
Submerge Into dreams and hallucinations
Let’s turn precious ideas into reality
Draw the world in colours we were meant to see

Here is my entry for the contest...Big thanks for the oppurtuinity given, for us to exhibit our talents.

Hi @terrycraft i wanted to join and participate on your contest. Do i need to post my entry on the COMMENT section just like what your viewers did on your previous contest or just tag poetry/poetrycontest? Thanks! Best regards..


Second variant - post under your account with poetry/poetrycontest tags.

Good luck!

This is my poem to enter the Steemit Poetry Contest #16. Please go to the following link. Thanks. Regards.

Hi, I posted my poem already, but not sure if I'm to enter it on your comment section too.

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you @terrycraft for this wonderful contest!
Here is my entry for this week:

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