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Nemesis is the goddess of retributive justice, solidarity, revenge, balance and fortune in Greek mythology, according to the definition provided by Julián Pérez Porto and María Merino. It is a primordial deity that punishes above all the excess. Their sanctions are usually intended to make it clear to mortals that, because of their human condition, they can not overreach. Therefore, according to this criterion, one should not be excessively fortunate or disrupt the universal equilibrium with very good or very bad actions. Nowadays, nemesis is a kind of personification of moral feeling, a reprobate of all violence and all excess. It should also be noted that, sometimes, nemesis is often used as a synonym for enemy. This use comes from the desire that can have an individual to realize a revenge against his enemy, as would the goddess Nemesis to administer retributive justice. And, this is the meaning that is used in the poem that I present to you today.


Someday, he will be enthroned in a paradise,
imbued in a kind of Gothic religiosity.
The semidarkness conceals an exalted state:
blood red, prefiguration
a singular destiny, exile.

Sacred geometry that passes through purgatory
of profaned love
reincarnated in promises of eternal joy,
supreme happiness that Nemesis condemns,
although it is light whose only contemplation
it makes disappear resquemores.

Redemption of transfigured self-love
at the climax of self-exaltation,
with masks waiting for autumn.
God of himself deceiving others,
He returns without mask,
another cape and another scepter.

Internal enemy as absurd as pure,
waiting for a turn to jump in a vacuum.
The vague sword of guilt
does not close the eyes of the goddess,
but a dark cloud rises
and calms the night's sleep
without ages, that dressed in twilights
and it's time and it's nothing
in the postponed ceremony
of a presence that changes color
among the rebellious branches
of an ineffable ego,
surprised in silence,
in the roar of a separate leaf.

Someday, he will be enthroned in a paradise,
the sacred geometry that goes through human purgatory.

Redemption of transfigured self-love.

The vague sword of guilt does not absolve,

but it condemn, because we are all false.

We all see the outside and never inside.

"Why do you look at the straw in your brother's eye?
and you do not see the ray that is in yours? "

Original from @zeleiracordero
September, 15 de 2018

Thankful with @d-pend for all the shared love and for giving us a space to share our poetic creations. Also, with @sunnylife, loving companion of trip of the community of #gratefulvibes.

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