"Wanked Providence". A poem by Me

in #poetry2 years ago

Good day guys! I hope you enjoy this piece and don't forget to comment your views and Interpretations. Thank you

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Wanked Providence

When I gaze too much at the daughters of the sun, I'll caution my eyes that they be shut.

but my mind sometimes doesn't need my eyes. So I'm left with thoughts to fantasize

Would you Still mean anything after I flush this feeling out?

So I played the thoughts all in my head and I held the canal somewhere beneath my mind and tenderly caressed it

Until my mind sparked a fire and the thoughts melted and out of the canal it will always come white like grey, sticky like in eggs

Yet my dear after this thing, my mind is cleared up of all the scenes of I on you, but now all I see is You and I

       — Yourmercury Polycarp


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