A Love Letter to Cairo, Egypt — where I was born & raised (plus Arabic translation)

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Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, I've made the United States my home for the last 12 years. Here, I am pining for Home:


I buried your face, someplace
by the side of the new road
so I would not trip over it
every morning or on evening strolls

still, I am helplessly drawn
to the scene of this crime
for fear of forgetting
the sum of your splendor

then there’s also the rain
that loosens the soil
to reveal a bewitching feature
awash with emotion

an eye, perhaps tender or
a pale, becalmed cheek
a mouth tight with reproach or
lips pursed in a deathless smile

other times you are inscrutable
worse, is when I seem to lose you
and pick at the earth like a scab
frantic, and faithful, like a dog.

© Yahia Lababidi

Arabic translation of my poem by Syrian poet, Osama Esber, below:


دفنتُ وجهكِ في مكانٍ ما،
إلى جانب الطريق الجديد
كي لا أدعسَ عليه
كلَّ صباح، أو أثناء نزهاتي المسائية.

لكنني ما أزال مشدوداً بشكل لا يُقاوم
إلى مشهد هذه الجريمة
خشية نسيان
الأشياء التي تصنع روعتك

هناك أيضاً المطر
الذي يُخْصبُ التربة
كي يكشف سمةً ساحرة
تجيش بالعاطفة

ربما عيناً، ربما خداً هادئاً
شاحباً أو رقيقاً، فماً
ملتوياً من التقريع أو
شفتين مزمومتين في ابتسامة خالدة.

في أوقاتٍ أخرى يكتنفكِ الغموض
ويسوء الأمر حين أبدو كأنني أفقدك
حاكّاً الأرض كما أحكّ جرباً،
مسعوراً ووفيّاً ككلب.

(Images: Pixabay)


شكرا للمشاركة المميزة!
حصلت على تصويت من
@arabsteem curation trail !
و تم اختيار مقالتك ضمن مقالات يومية مختارة للنشر اليوم في مقالنا! :)

I love it. You convey such a wonderful sense of loss and being haunted, yet the admiration for Cairo overcomes melodrama.
Thanks for writing, as always :D

Thank you, for reading, as always. Your sensitive comments sum up the poem, beautifully. Love never dies...

Deep lines.
And your poetic devices are good.
Keep writing.

I cannot help but write, it’s how I breathe...

Thanks, for your encouragement & support.

We all need encouragement. Do follow us up to see more from us.

Nice poetry realy thats heart touching lines.

This is yours ?
If yess than I appreciate you on my upvote which have no value according because of my rank but i have nothing more to appreciate you.

Your appreciation has much value. Yes, this is my poetry - I’m grateful it touched your heart and thank you, for your support 🙏🏼

Carry on.
Waiting for new and reading previous posts of you.

Encouraging to read; thank you!

This writing amazes me

Many thanks, for your kind encouragement.

You are welcome. I wait for the next post

God, Yahia - this was heartbreaking. One homeless to another - hugs.

Big hug back, sweet Inna, means a lot to hear this from you, who knows some wounds are not meant to heal... This poem is so near and dear to me, I hesitated to read it outloud for fear of coming undone. <3

in Indonesia there are proverbs, rain in the country of gold rain, rain stones in their own country, better in their own country. hopefully you are successful overseas.

Translate by google

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I fully understand... But, I thank you, for your kind wishes. Will I still miss my home, and old life, I am very satisfied with my new life in the USA :)

كما قيل : مصر هي أم الدنيا :)
راق لي ما كتبت صديقي
اخوك فارس من تونس :)

Thank you, brother. Tunisia 🇹🇳 led the way in the Arab Spring. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. 🙏🏼

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