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This is a poem I wrote tonight... a night where sleep was void and my mind was present. I hope you enjoy.

Mind over meadows 

Hands over wheat 

Starring at the moon 

Plans never meet. 


Wind whispers sweet nothings in my ear 

My aura embraces, hugging in the air 

Witnessing wonders, nature’s beauty abounds 

Finessing blunders, manipulating the sounds 




Discord more than just a chat with my self 

Harmony exists to put my rest on a shelf 

Deeper into the slumber 

Counting my sleep number 

Waiting for division 

Releasing the spell I’m under 



Existing without frequency 

Harmony without decency 

What dreams may come? 

Thoughts propagated in secrecy Halt!  

Eyes piercing the darkness 

Love surrounding the heartless 

Destiny delivers a spark 

Soul’s partnership with the carcass 

Where is Harmony? 

What time will she call? 

Who is Harmony? 

Winter’s eventually fall 

Eyes grow heavy like guillotines 

Slicing awakness away 

Byzantine dreaming to stay unforeseen 

Sleeping for a ray of daylight today 

Only insomnia is in the way.                 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hey brother, hope your doing well.

hi walkingkeys, haven't seen you active lately, steem price is getting so low. How are you lately?


Hey man, I've had a rough summer. My dad was in the hospital and just died a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to get back into it. I hope you are doing well. tHanks for reading.


hi walkingkeys, I am sorry for your loss, getting back on steemit might help you feel better. We are seeing less people on steemit as the price is low, hopefully it will be back up soon

Sometimes a spud just needs to regroup and center ones self.
Hell yes!


lol, you are very right. Thanks Doctor Crypto!