The House By The Sea

in poetry •  4 months ago 

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Be still and quiet tonight, I said unto the cool sea breath
Let me find my place in the wild blue like a coming death
A magnificent condensation, journeying pass my crown
Looking down upon me from the heavens in a grey gown

Be silent and calm tonight, I said unto the rolling sea
My fate upon a wing of cold afflictions without mercy
Aging without thought in the ocean of human wishes
A paint and maybe a blanket was all I wanted for dishes

Be hushed and noiseless, I said unto the soft rocky earth
Strongly infused with the happiness of an insects worth
Each gift of nature injures, and breaks a part of my art
And the running elements pierce every part of my heart

Be smooth and static, I said unto the light that shined
Pouring fourth tears into the water for a healthy mind
Oddly parallel with no hope, I've known no other scene
Celestial breezes blowing, I stand with time in between

Be peaceful and serene, I said to the darkness of night
Let my eyes discern afar across the world for clear light
What is good for mankind signals the borders of my life
It's lonely at night for a house by the sea in constant strife.

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