Gold | (Original Poem)

in poetry •  11 months ago

Often, we look forward to the turn of the year because we equate it to starting all over again. And in the vein of such, here's this poem. Originally made for the now defunct Niume, I'm immortalizing it here. Although each 'gold' differs from person to person, would anyone venture to guess what each means here? What about what it means to you?


Cross that threshold
For once, be bold
Go to the outside bathed in gold

Your spirit that grew old
Has a chance to behold
A view not dark but bathed in gold

So, quicken your steps at least twofold
Break away from the Shadow's hold
And run to embrace a new world -
a new world bathed in gold

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Your spirit that grew old
Has a chance to behold
A view not dark but bathed in gold
Loving this, happy new year in advance


Thank you :) Happy New Year!

Beautiful ⭐️
I’m not sure yet what it means to me but it made me feel positive about leaving 2017 and entering 2018.
I suppose it reflects the courage and positivity we need to leave this life too.
I also saw marriage in the first verse.
I think it is about pure faith.


Thank you! And yes, I had courage of moving forward when I wrote it. It's interesting that you saw marriage in the first one :) I like the faith guess because it goes hand in hand with the courage to move forward (wherever "forward" is). But really, I wanted this to be open to personal interpretation. Thanks for sharing yours :) Happy New Year!

Oh, this has such a positive vibe that Niume never possessed. I find it more comforting, as it lay here, taking in this new space.

So glad that you found me again and feels good to see your words. Happy New Year to you!


Ah! But I'm the fangirl. I'm glad I found you. Your photography is amazing. I can't forget the yellow flower from niume. And thank you. I put the poem here so it never gets lost seeing as Niume closed and the blockchain is more or less immortal.


That is a good idea. I need to move some of mine over!

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