What Happens If I Turn The Other Way, What Happens If I Decide To Play?

in poetry •  7 months ago

What If This Wasn't Who I Am!

What Happens if I stop asking questions?
If I just accept what is at play,
What happens if I ignore my True Nature,
If I switch off all that I have learned
all that defines my day!

How often would I place limits on myself
How often would I push away new ideas because they seem too grandeur?
Too often that I hear people say

Oh I would love to be able to do that!

Yet Fear always gets in the way.

Why are we so willing to accept this defeat.
This idea that we are not capable of reaching for the stars.
Yet all our actions are always on repeat.
This fight, to keep our feet on the ground
And our minds always directed, at knowing deceit.

Oh this shove to keep us contained,
to keep our wings clipped
and our imagination under control.
We reach a certain age,
and now we must behave a certain way.
We must forget about our childish dreams,
that had no limits and grew and grew each day.
Oh this responsibility of being an adult and taming ourselves,
Taming ourselves so that we can fit into to this fine society.
Fit in and behave,
be civilized and do as we are told.

No, you no longer need to really think for yourself,
that is all taken care of,
You have worked for this,
this sense of security!
This is what life is all about
Feeling safe in this human made existence.
This, the reality of your force fed dreams
this is what life is all about.
Walls and limits
fear and confusion,
You are not here to create
you are here to Survive
Keep listening and I will always provide.

Keep listening
and you will melt away
your existence blurred into the day,
keep listening and life will become so simple,
Because I said so!
Because you trust me,
because you gave me your power,
I did not need to steal it,
I simply played a game
and you happily followed.

Keep listening and all will be revealed
you are successfully living the human dream!
You are part of this
this game I have conceived
No need to think for yourself
You only need to live my dream!

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Can I have your permission to recite your poem to an audience?


yeah as long as you say it is by me, no worries x

Creepy, scary and then again creepy but so beautiful and thought provoking. I got the chills.


thank you @zen-art, that is kind of what it is about, I do like to question and provoke at times.

Great words here @trucklife-family and a sentiment that really resonates with me.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti


thank you very much @perceptualflaws xx

Excellent work here, Aishlinn. Thank you for writing this. So true. So sad, and such a call to say "FUCK THAT!" :) and do something much better. Something which is ours.


exactly Graham, there is a time and a place to play nice but now is all about calling folk to action xx

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Don't ever stop asking questions! That is how we learn and grow. Live your own dream, your own reality. Beautifully written, my friend!


thank you @cecicastor for your wonderful words and support xx

this could not be written by a person who is living in that system.