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I remember the first time I saw you
You were as beautiful as you can be
Your amazing smile filled my heart and completed me

When I talked to you
I was talking to a beautiful angel from up above;
You had the biggest smile on your face, it made me fall in love

I started to have these feelings for you because I found the girl of my dreams;
The sun came out and brightened me with it beams


It made me feel so nice and warm inside;
These are the feelings I sure cannot hide

I will never forget that special day;
Because the memories are saved in my heart and it won’t go away

Everyday when I got to talk to you and see you, my life was paradise;
I get to go see heaven in your eyes

The site was so beautiful, it was a dream come true;
I wish we were together, just me and you.

Every time I gazed in your eyes, I can feel that special feeling;
When my heart is broken, you are the one that gives the healing

I will not forget the summer that I got to see you the most;
They were good times, I give it a toast

You have always been there for me, for the good and the bad;
They were the best days we’ve ever had

I don’t know what I would do without you, you are the world to me;
I am giving you my heart for free

You are everything to me, I wish you knew just how much;
You make my days with just a single touch

All I want in my life is you, you are so beautiful
I’ll do anything to be with you

I’ll love you till the moon don’t glow;
I’ll love you till the wind don’t blow

I’ll love you till the sun doesn’t shine;
I’ll love you forever even if you’re not mine

You are my best friend and you always will;
I just hope someday we will be together so I can show my love for real

MaryJane is an angel from the heavens above;
She is filling me with her delight and her love

Her beautiful smile is the first and last thing I think of everyday;
She is making me smile more these days

My heart beats to the sound of her voice;
Vocals so beautiful l, my love made it choice

The space between her fingers are meant for mine;
Making our smile glow and also shine

We are closer than peas in a pod;
She is always there praying and gusting with God

This piece is a gift to you;
Just as you’re a gift to me

Let us hold hands and gaze into each others eyes;
Let this be love that never dies


-(c) Tomi

Original post by me here


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I’ll love you till the moon don’t glow;
I’ll love you till the wind don’t blow.

Wow...this is really beautiful.

Keep steeming tomi,

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