lost grip (original poetry) community prompt #1

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Hey there steemers, today's post is a special one! I close all my poetry posts asking if there is something specific you guys would like me to write about. Well, I have been taken up on the offer, and this poem was inspired by their request.

Shout out to @panjay for the prompt "someone made a mistake in a relationship and became gloomy"

Hope you all enjoy!


            lost grip

memories made warm
in held hands
frolicking between fingers
that found comfort
between each other

interlaced lives
leave unique prints
becomes easy to identify

then one day
a loose grip
doesn’t quite fit
something is

mistakes form holes
yesterdays fall through
the vacant space
until the will
to hold on
leaves cold hands
in pockets

poetry by: @thiscrazylife
in ink...we stain

If anyone has a request for a certain subject or form, post a reply of something you would like to read and let's see if I can satisfy your craving. I'll upvote your reply just for playing along and will give you a shout out on the post for providing the prompt 😉. If there's more than one request, I'll only upvote the one I selected as my prompt. I may also revisit requests from time to time if i see more than one that I like. Quality prompts only please.



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Well written. Am also a poet( although I say I am) and we both know that writing a poem dat was requested isn't that easy. You did well, nice choice of words

howdy from Texas thiscrazylife! wow this poem can affect alot of us, I think most of us can identify with the emotions of falling away from each other and you did a wonderful job of relating those emotions so great job!
if someone gave me a subject that I had to write a poem about I'd just laugh!
Do you write alot of poetry? because I'm betting you do!


hey there janton! thanks for taking the time to leave a nice comment. i think a lot of people can relate as well, i know i've been there. before steemit i was a member of a poetry site. one of the main features was member hosted contests. essentially someone giving you a prompt of their choice and you have to write a poem based on their criteria. so i kinda got used it. i do write a lot, it's great way for me to escape the everyday nonsense. hope to see you around, take care.


howdy there thiscrazylife! I think that would be extremely difficult to do poetry on demand like that! I just can't see doing it but I have alot of respect for those that can.

but you said you need to escape the everyday nonsense, do you have a stressful job or something?

Hi thiscrazylife,

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thanks so much @curie i truly appreciate it. i did not expect this type of response from the post, you made my day! i checked out the site and love what curie is about and what the project does for the steemit community. i joined the discord group and upvoted curie witness. really couldn't be happier, thanks again!

I think it's very good that the wishes of your followers are taken care of.

From this you made a very nice poem. I also had to read it through 3 times ... normally I do things with food :-), but it was still very nice for me.

So a very well derved up from @curie ! See you later around @thiscrazylife ;-)


thank you, i thought it would be something unique to offer the community. to have their ideas or emotions turned into poetry. i'm glad you stopped by. i went to your page and the first thing i saw was a huge delicious burger, man, it looked really good. hope to see you around, take care @avizor.


Hey :-) Yes and you are right with your thought ;-) Great idea.

Hahaha and thanks you stoped by in my account also. ✌

hey @trojan4, thanks for stopping by, i appreciate your kind words. it may not be easiest thing to do but i like the challenge of trying to relate to and encompass what someone else is feeling with poetry. it's also great inspiration for times when i'm having problems getting inspired on my own. take care...

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hi thanks for this poetry man! Appreciated. Sorry for the late reply.


Hi, no problem at all! Thank you for making the request. I was hoping someone would ask. Feel free to come by again any time you have an idea.

Nice, it's a short poem but conveys a big message about life and change.


thanks, i appreciate you reading. i'm a huge fan of brevity, probably 90% or more of my writes are 100 words or less.


I tend to read through a lot of posts during the week. I don't mind what they are about as I like so much different content. The main thing is that they are well written or unique. I love learning new things so any post that gives me something new is ideal. Yours definitely falls under the well written side of things.

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good point, i guess it depends on the content and type of writing it is. if it's not poetry and has excellent content i don't mind reading something longer and learning either. i'm more particular when it comes to poetry though.


For me its all about the quality. I've always loved reading and writing in all forms so the key point is how well it has been put together.
I can understand that you would take the poetry more seriously since you have a passion for it, where as I have more an enjoyment of it than anything. I can pick it up or put it down as it suits and switch from one to the next. Everybody is different.

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