Cruising (A Zombie Bear Poetry/Sketch Collaboration)

in poetry •  8 months ago

cruising (2).jpg


The sound of lapping waves shall ease
our thoughts as we drift down the shore
to take in nature's luxuries.

We'll sail away from clouds that loom.
and navigate the shallow seas
past sands with shells and seaweed strewn.

All nestled with my paramour,
I'll sing a merry seaside tune,
resolve to voyage evermore.

poem by @damianjayclay
artwork by @thinknzombie


The amazing @damianjayclay lately of Zombiebear Productions (and never to be found in a Starbucks again) wrote a poem based on a doodle I did while on a phone call. We are making a habit of it. It's fun. Thanks again Bear for the poem!

Poet's Note:

I've gone for a terza rima with a closed off structure to give it a feeling of infinity.

Artist's Note:

I went for a boat-like shaped thingy. Yes, it's a boat. You can see it now, right?

This is the original sketch in crappy highlighter and cheap office pen for comparison.


Thank for tuning in!

-- @thinknzombie

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I rather like the crappy sketch, even with the green highlighter!


Thanks! I'm trying new things. ;-)

Yet again, amazing artwork. This is serious fun.


It sure is. Thanks for the amazing poem.

Wow. seeing this... and reading the poem...

I feel it. I am on that sailboat. and i'm never getting off :)

Absolutely serene and smooth....
nice collaboration @damianjayclay and @thinknzombie


Wow love that green.


Thanks @swolesome That's BIC briteliner flouro green ;-)

What an awesome collaboration! I like the artwork, which is a perfect accompaniment to the poem! And the way you transformed it into a lush, sepia-toned masterpiece is awesome! Bravo to you and to @damianjayclay 😊



Thank you! I think it turned our really well. We have another one to put up soon too.

Sorry I missed this yestreday. You know my day got crazy. The sketch looks AMAZING in sepia. You two are a kick ass team

I love both the art and the poem. This collab looks promising!


The poetry is so smooth in this one, and I'm so into the art. This made for another great pair up!