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Love At Last - A Valentine Poem for @bigdre45

in poetry •  10 months ago

Love At Last

A Valentine's Day poem for my husband @bigdre45.

Photo courtesy of Divine Perspective Photography

Two forlorn dreamers searching in the night.
Both certain they’d forever be alone.
Each hopeless night they cry themselves to sleep
and spend their days in hopes of the unknown.
He takes the knee, pulls out the ring, and says,
“Will you please marry me? I know not what
my future holds; it has to be with you.”
She trembles as she reaches out her hand.
Her fingers touch his warm and dampened cheek.
She says, “I will.” They kiss as they embrace.
The dreamers that were searching in the night,
found love when they were sure to be alone.
Their nights are filled with joy and restful sleep
and every dream they had has been outshone.

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Fantastic sonnet. You're getting seriously good at form.


Thank you for your instructions in it! This is a fun form to work with, even with the restrictions. The outcome is worth the struggle <3

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d'aww, this is absolutely gorgeous, Rose.

The way you wove in the dialogue to the rhythm of the piece, under the rhythmic and rhyming constraints of the sonnet, it's so deftly done, @therosepatch and reads so natural!

Also also, that ending!

Man, it's tough to outdo the comfort, peace and joy that is conveyed with a restful night's sleep - so then when you DID with this beaut of an outro:

and every dream they had has been outshone.

man, floored! so good, @therosepatch, and so fun and I'm so happy for you both that you found and have each other!

Wonderful tribute, Rose, thank you for sharing your joy with the world through this poem.



Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I enjoyed crafting this poem, once I had an idea of what I wanted to say in it. Using his proposal seemed the most natural thing :)


it feels so natural and so smoothly told, like the rhythm and rhyme is just flowing into the narrative of your love - a ribbon and bow couldn't make it tighter!

Hope you both have the best Valentine's Day, Rose.