30 DAY HAIKU CHALLENGE DAY 24 - Themadrunnah's reflection / An original poem

in poetry •  last year 
  • Here's day twenty-four of my reflection off of @brokemancode's haiku contest.

Day 24



Mankind dies for life
Riddle without an answer
Why does war exist?

Maddened animal
Driven by needs that are not
Fed delirium


  • The photo and first haiku is brokemancode's while the second was inspired from his.

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Glad to see you are back at the Haiku's, keep up the great work!

Definitely let things slip for a bit, its good to be back!

That's a great haiku with a lot of content in those 17 syllables. This challenge sounds interesting. I might have to start playing along. For now, I'll respond to yours with one I wrote a while ago called "Progress"


Great write.

oh moe, I love how you manage to keep the Japanese style strong even with the English 5-7-5!

Thanks for swinging by!