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#GreenPoem of the Week


Environmental Change

A Green Poem by Ngalim Franklin (@mr-greens), Founder/Executive Director of @thegreens

You shit, piss and pollute upstream and drink down stream. Are you not a "shithole"?
People of Mother Earth, please Change!

You pollute the air and breath the same air: isn't it insane?
Homo sapiens, change!

You litter the streets and complain about the filth.
"Chai", i beg change!

You cut the tree, eat much meat, burn the fossil and biofuels and complain about the heat but deny climate change.
Isn't this surprising? My people, change!

You reclaim the land but cry about the floods.
Where did u want the water to go to? My "contri" people change!

You want good food but promote fertilized farming.
Isn't it crazy. My brothers and sisters change!

You kill bees but till the soil and expect good harvests. "Any how e dey, change!"

You condemn and deny "canda stick" (traditional medicine) but drink modern medicine.
Where do u think the raw materials for your medicine come from? Change!

In all, you want good health in a bad environment. Well, visit a psychiatrist or Change!

The poem highlights some of the bad things we do to the environment but expect good results. We will be glad if you can make contributions and share ideas about this poem as well as propose more lines for the poem.

Remember that, "our future depends on what we do today"

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