Pavements and doorways

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Pavements and doorways

We walked the streets dreaming only of a little shed light
Homeless of heart, we found each other and said stay true
Lamps swinging in the wind casting shadows of doubt
The strength of the bridge was not enough for us two

Little was known about the state of the world but held
The stones beneath each step cold without sturdy shoes
The warmth from windows contrasted by those who passed
Rubbish was lived off just as those who read the news

In the doorways they huddled and park bench the only home
Locked out from the world to do it rough, hard and free
Slipping on the cobbles as fog fell across the cold land
The rapid fire bursts and screams, another shooting spree

Lines on the face, life leading the steady flow of tears
Experience is the greatest teacher but the lessons are pain
Fingers bleed, holes in the coat allow through the chill
The threads of reality fraying and breaking under strain

Once upon a time the threads were bought fair and fine
And the food that was brought arrived upon china plates
Indulgence and the trappings that came upon the fortune
Lost to a mind fallen through the cracks in the states

So easy it was to just walk away from all that had been
To wander aimlessly from road to doorway and and on grass
Dry under bridges where the shadows had chosen to stay
As the cars whir off to work far above on the overpass

The days of knowing what was owned had long gone cold
Memory can only recall where a warm bed and morsel may be
Ragged clothes and hair, the rest unkempt and unclean
If there was a mirror I would no longer recognise me.

[ a Steem original ]

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Nice informative post , thanks for your infomation .

Good job , carry on .

Thanks for sharing @tarazkp
Upvote you .

I love both picture and writing. Where is that street? And is your piece from real life or fiction?

It was just awesome poetry!

Experience is the greatest teacher but the lessons are pain
Fingers bleed, holes in the coat allow through the chill
The threads of reality fraying and breaking under strain

These are my favourite lines. True expirences teaches us but sometimes the lessons are useless because u must have passed through the pain already to learn the lessons. So whats the use??

Holes in the coat allows through the chills because no matter how expirenced you think you are, life will always throw surprises at you. No matter how strong u think u are now, some of the bullets will pierce right through.

Sometimes i say to myself, "With everything i have learnt now, my next life is gonna be perfect". But thats me being unrealistic cause my threads of being real has been broken by strains and pain, and am loosing sense of reality, that i now choose to fantasize about my next life which remain yet an illusion.

Great poem @tarazkp. This is your second poem on steemit. I hope to see more. 😁

Excellent. Life on the streets is tough.

Thank you for this emotional, poetic tour of a modern city in the eyes of the more underprivileged in society. That is a welcome change to the typical tours that are intended for tourists.
I was personally touched by the expression “homeless of heart” and the statement that lessons of experience are pain. I agree.

Good Poetry, it seems to be about someone looking for his identity. A person who has a lot of life experience will be stronger in facing problems.
Like @tarazkp

One of the reasons I hate driving through a city center as the homeless seem to get more and more. People turn a blind eye to the ones thrown out of society. I remember going down the Seine a couple of years ago and while everyone was looking at the wonderful buildings I was looking at the bridges with all the makeshift homes underneath them. I was fascinated that no one even saw them.

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