Storybook Sex (Not for minors)

in poetry •  2 years ago


Yes I love sex and I will till I'm dead
It can be done on the floor or the edge of the bed.

I can do it for free if you give me some head.
Or if you prefer you can pay me instead.

We can do it all night till I groan from my loins.
You can pay me in Fiat or even Bitcoin!

You don't have to worry I don't party and play.
It won't be one sided. It must be exchanged.

I'm not a prude so just understand
a good time for all can always be had
as long as you know I'm always a man.

You choose a code word I'll know when to stop
But I won't be your bottom
I'm always the top!

Don't even worry if I'm hung like a horse
It'll be just like dinner with you as first course!

After we've finished you won't have to leave
It's not just fun sex
It's not make believe

I'll feed you dinner or breakfast next day
I'll feed all of you
In all possible ways

Now you know how I feel and have read all about it.
I don't need your love, but I do need your wallet!

By Stone Gonzalez


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This poem is very risque and funny! I died when you said "pay me in bitcoin" lmfao! (upvoted)