Day 67 - Nature, Nurture

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Nature, Nurture

In broad day light, you stand unnoticed like the stars in the sky
At night, in the bask of the moon light, others illuminate in your space
You are the secret everyone kills to know and possess
And simultaneously, the truth no one has the stomach to bear
The bear hunts under the power of its own weight and might
The fear reverberating through its mighty roar infecting its victim
And yet there is nothing more fear inducing than the protection of a cub

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In every aspect of nature, you exist with no will or choice against the motion
Nature over nurture some believe but a rebellion against the norm, you are
Refusing to take to heart that one cannot be changed, your very own novice
You posses a host of qualities; the embodiment of all species and organisms
You take from the undeserving biology and give to the expectant psychology
Your absence is catastrophic enough to leave chasm translating into deficiencies
Your presence, soothing enough to influence the design of an impenetrable security
Only and only if executed with non-physical entities powerful enough to claim lives
You go beyond some expectations and fall beneath others; a mother’s role

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Y'know, whenever most people write about nature, it's mostly descriptive. Your writing is different. Sure, it's descriptive but it's also different. It speaks about nature in a whole new light. I loved reading it though your lines are really long and so it kinda made reading sort of work bi. Good work

really strong and powerful poem the imagery of the bear is perfect, nature is so very much at times brutal and at other times so nurturing but then so are we. we are nature. Well done @skodie I really really like this xx

Thank you @skodie. Thank you for sharing the poem. It has been illuminating. The question of Nature verses nurture has always been in my mind as a teacher. I would like to say "Nature nurtures me."

I like the rhyming patterns in the poem and it sounds nice spoken.

The poem ends with "The mother's role"... that is to give support while nature does its job.

This is very timely for Mother's Day.