Day 64 - The Waking Nightmare Stew

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The Waking Nightmare Stew

In the comfort of her backyard, an immense discomfort of the woods in queue
The beauty of her safety now turned illusion exposing all vulnerabilities in full view
Starring and squinting to mentally improve her eyesight in the absence of light true
Fear reaching critical value, but curiosity supersedes and keeps her looking for clues

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A perfect contrast as whites start popping up all over scrutinizing an animal in the zoo
Liquefied to freezing point, she stands stiffer than a statue characterized with bonds of glue
The indistinguishable inaudible music in the background spelling the steaming doom brew
Out of the murky blackness, a mist so vague its existence was questionable grew

The unmistakable crack of lightning but with no light to present as evidence to you
The expectant and reliable boom that follows, for the first time, disappoints on cue
The distinctive change and taste of the atmosphere in conjunction with the tears blue
The air devoid of such and more abandoning her to seek solace in the mind crew

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The pent-up fear finally trumps all curiosity and courage appears to let out a scream new
She wonders if she is in a vacuum due to the lack of a violent noise escaping her hue
She finds her mouth sealed shut along with whatever control she thought she knew
With no control and trapped in a waking nightmare, sleep paralysis infects all through

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