Day 18 - One Begets the Other, Over and Never Again

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Under the blazing heat from the cool night breeze
A cock lays in wait ready to hatch
A fish flapping its wings
Eternity speeding up

None of this makes sense except cohesively
Read and read again till it does
But not as it is, instead, how it should be
Because admist the chaos, there is order

Oderr, cohas; look familiar? Look again till it does
You may have recognized the mistake or the words
One cannot be without the other
Because admist the cohas, there is oderr
th (2).jpeg

One lives in the clutches of death
Another dies in the embrace of life
Don't begin a shovel if you'll die the next day
You should plan your funeral to live

Don't read much into the above
From below, it doesn't make sense too
Are those ramblings of a mad man,
Or truth of our world?

Life is a treasure and death, a pleasure
A treasure is to be excavated for
A pleasure only welcomed when convenient
Read the fourth stanza for good measure

Let's come home now
And yet, home is where home is not
Ask yourself, "Do I feel safe?"
If yes, recount the dangers you're safe from

Do you want to be safe and not know how?
Do you want a place to live and not a home?
People die to keep you in the embrace of life
You live and death clutches others

The night breeze cannot negate the explosive heat
Read the first and fourth stanza again, it should make sense now
Is it fair, is it right? Read line 6
One begets the other, over and never again

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This poem is like a riddle. 😎

Exactly. Something to rattle you for a bit. Like a brainteaser. Trying out a remark from a friend. Glad you enjoyed it

Sometimes we have to be turned upside down to see right side up. Love this poem.

Thanks for the feedback. Grateful

That's exactly right. Thanks for stopping by

Well done bro.. this is one of your nicest ... I like it

Thanks love. It came from a place of strong emotion, and took time to express. Express how the situation barely made sense and how I made sense of it. Thanks for the read

Don't mention..