Where's Alice? - A Poem about a friend who committed suicide

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Poetry is vital to every community. Hopefully, this will create an interest for others to post some of their poetry.

Here is a poem dedicated to my friend Alice Alsup. I introduced her the first time she read poetry on stage. While hosting poetry readings, I introduced a lot of new poets and felt a connection to every single one, especially my poetry sisters.

This is an article about Alice and her poetry:


My poem:

Where’s Alice?

By Shelly Dawson

She clinches her poetry tightly.
I ask, “Would you like to read your poetry?”
She says, “no,” but her friend signs her up.
I call her to the stage.
She reads the poem without taking a breath.
I say, “breathe.”
She says, “I can’t.”
She is folding her arms tightly.
I say, “relax.”
She says, “I won’t.”
She compares her current boyfriend to fast food.
I say, “there will be others.”
She doesn’t believe me.

She takes pictures from high places.
I beg her to come down.
She goes higher.
Reaching for her,
she looks back,
opens her arms wide,
and jumps down the rabbit hole.

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It's a shame that poetry doesn't get the upvote love on Steem ... unless you rip off Willie Nelson that is. :b

I know what it feels "living next door to Alice"....:))

thank you for posting this it's a good poem!

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