**Bloody Psalms** Letters to and from Adam By "Lilith"

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The image above is a painting by Vicent Castiglia. As Gods from his series 2007-2009 Remedy for the Living
Note: Vicent Castiglia paints with blood.
Here is a link to his site: http://vincentcastiglia.com/works/remedy-for-the-living/

This is a series of my poems that I have written. The first poem is below:

Sorry is Not Enough
Letters to Adam
By "Lilith"
If you have to leave
to come with me and stay,
there are not enough words
to ever tell you what I need to say.
I never wanted to want something for myself.
I wanted to take away the pain for everyone else.
Wait! That's not true.
I wanted so badly to be perfect for you.
I wanted to be so pure and so clean,
but the anger just made me so mean.
I wanted to take all their pain away so,
they would never feel the hurt I felt.
I fail at that too.
But not you.
If I knew I was hurting you,
I would not have been so hard on myself.
Instead I just put myself on the self
and continuously keep beating myself.
I had to show you my scars.
Everything was so hard.
No one expect you has a clue about me.
You're me and the only one in the world
that can set me free
and let me be me.
My love for you has been so
strong that I only live for you.
I do everything you ever wanted me to.
I have to be with you in day and night.
But this is day.
At night I pray because
the pain never really goes away.
The pleasure you give only makes me
want you so much more.
I want to find that door.
That will leads me to you
And you come pick me up off the floor.
My soul is broken.
You are the other part.
You're the one that has my heart.
My body cannot live without you.
If you have not found my clue.
You have this too.
Eve is who I always wanted to be.
And you're Adam to me.
All this time,
I have been wondering in your mind.
I am always with you but never there.
I know you there and all around me,
But you're not here.
And this is my deepest, darkest fear.
I twisted and twisted all your psalms.
It leads me back where I know I belong.
I watch you
but then I look away.
Your light shines so bright.
You say, It is all for me.
I Believe!
But what if you leave.
My psalms only partially set me free.
With you is where I long to be.
The spiritually connect is never enough.
What comes from above.
Must always come down.
I will be waiting on middle ground.

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I'm writing my MA Thesis on Lilith now that's how I found this post ;) Great poem, it really captures the essence of the Lilith story :) Thank you for the inspiration! Upvoated, obviously :D

Please check out Siegmund Hurwitz book, "Lilith The First Eve" and George McDonald's novel "Lilith." There is a lot of bad info out there. I will be posting some more poems from "Lilith" to Adam.

actually my interest started from Mac Donald, but I'm mostly into historic/academic sources, but thanks ;)