"Karel loves" (poem)

in poetry •  6 months ago


Karel, your breath caresses the trees.

You have your look on the earth

like a pious heaven

that gives the rain.

Your silence usually says everything,

everything that your eyes keep silent, Karel.

The gardens that are born under the rainbow

are words.

And the flowers that you collect

are poetry.


The white petals

that the rain drags to your feet

are your memory.


The world breaks

in a little tear of yours

in the serene repose of the cold.

In your eyes are reflected two rivers, Karel,

which do not mix;

roars in their midst

the foam of distance;

one is oblivion,

and the other is lament.


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Some serious adoration of karel here! nicely written. I feel the emotion.


I once meet a girl named Karel. She is a cutie and adorable girl. I recall her the other day when I was writining this poem.

Thank you for reading!


It is a nice poem. I stumbled on it while reading through post from among @asapers followers.

Good opening stanza right here:

Karel, your breath caresses the trees.
You have your look on the earth
like a pious heaven
that gives the rain.

And it has a great shape. Keep up the good work.

Nice one. Keeep it up. I will akwaya check on your blog


Thank you!

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