The Slack Dialogues: Deep Connections

in poetry •  last month

Rose [2:27 PM]
Something strange happened

satorid [2:28 PM]

Rose [2:28 PM]
I was microdosing with a friend

satorid [2:29 PM]
oh nice

Rose [2:29 PM]
Mid sentence, I almost lose my breath as I'm pulled elsewhere
I feel myself say, come back
Like I'm shouting into the void

satorid [2:29 PM]

Rose [2:29 PM]
Then, snap, I'm back in the conversation
Later we go to bed
Sleep until 230
When I wake up, seek has messaged me

Rose [2:35 PM]
I've ways known that energetically we are intertwined on a level that transcends time and distance. I know that even when we are not in contact, he is still able to draw my energy to him.
Another strange thing happened last night
My neighbor is a coke head
He wouldn't leave us alone, and he began to test my patience
I threatened to enter his dreams as the tiger behind the door he keeps opening and destroy him if he went against my will in this physical existence
He suddenly got very scared
I don't often allow that part of me out, I don't reveal myself to others unless I must. And I've never used dream walking to harm others :no_mouth:

Rose [6:27 PM]
Have you ever connected with someone so deep, that you realized you've shared their company across lifetimes, that there has never been a time when you existed without them? How does one break such a bond?
Surely there are consequences to do so?

satorid [2:40 AM]
"Sleep until 230"
i just woke up at 2:30 :scream:

Rose [3:46 AM]
Seems to be the trend, this waking up at 230 lol

satorid [3:47 AM]
i'm always open for you to invade my dreams
but to answer your question yes
about connecting so deep
there is a poem where i write about it
i think the line is
i am chasing you life after life, death after death
and have invaded peoples dreams =D

actually nikki invade my dreams on this strange night

Rose [3:53 AM]
I scared myself by traveling like that, felt like I was hijacked
My emotions are returning, I am less numb


You want to hear another deep dark secret,
there is an emptiness, a deep emptiness inside

it's bittersweet, something sublime we all know it,
even if we choose not to believe it, maybe
belief is a bad word, feel it? pay attention to it

running around, year after year,
chasing this something, anything,
you, life after life, death after death
trying to outrun the abyss

but the strange thing about this emptiness
is that it's universal, that it is Eternity,
its the void, its the super dark hole
at the center of our galaxy
that is pushing and pull all of this into being

Maybe its this song, maybe it's you,
maybe it's me but lately something
mysterious has been unlocked deep inside
my soul and I been having these strange feelings,
vision, and suspicions. I think its a mixture of a lot of things,
I know it's partly the show its partly I don't know

Its Minds, it's my own mind, God I wish I had more time,
I wish that you and I weren't so spread across space and time.
for now, long walks on this digital beach will have to do

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