Doves Fly in my Heart 🕊

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In Quechua
(the language of the Incas that is still spoken
amongst Andean Mountain communities),
"Thank You"
translates to
or my heart flutters like a dove
or dove of my heart

"You're Welcome"
translates to

basic phrases with much more beauty,
and significance than their limited English counterparts.

Reconsidering language frameworks to make space
and open opportunities...
to shift...
to deeply experience every exchange
in a more profound and satisfying way.

"Thank You" and "You're Welcome" some of the most basic words
to acknowledge an exchange...

Awakening and sharing a sacred economy
where every transaction honors
the inherent worth and importance
of both giver AND receiver,
where every transaction is innately dependent
on the real presence of BOTH parties.

Multiple levels of infinite existence honored and accounted for.

IF THIS energetic exchange formed the basis of our economy,
THEN THAT could shift our monetary system's current sea...

This blockchain a revolutionary space to explore the real value of words.

Gratitude flutters in my heart, so I dig for gold and pay it forward.
Half of you is half of me.

✨💛✨ Sara!

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What a beautiful piece of knowledge. 💗

This post makes doves fly in my heart, so thank you for that! What beautiful sentiments! 💖

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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