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RE: Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus || may justice for groups, never deny it for individuals - a poetic interpretation

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it's tragic 😐
it's why i don't believe in any leadership at all. greed will consume individuals.
decentralize everything.


That is a statement showing wisdom right there! Although one shouldn't have any illusions - it will take generations of (class) struggle. No faction let's go of the control it currently has, without a fight. They may enter with a PR team, give the old system a nice spray painting - and the public will fall for it. It takes time ;-)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, my friend. Stay warm - it's getting chilly out here.

oh for sure it won't go without a fight. but eventually governments would have to let go because they'll have no other choice. you can't control decentralization. it's basic freedom and democracy. once enough people start trading goods with crypto it's game over. old governments will still be around, like power companies and military and telecom etc. but most other nonsense will be brought down. it'll get to a point where they'll have to beg for your taxes. it's not the matter of if, only when.

stay warm man. steem on.

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