POETRY - "Through Life and Love" - A perspective of souls in experience and growth

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Whats up all my supporters of this blog. I know I don't always post my poetry but this is something I wanted to share with the community. This poem is about life experience and growth in spite of having to lose things. This poem means a lot to me, if you like it please hit it with an upvote.

“Through Life and Love”

She had eyes like fire the color of chestnut, with a breath of sweetness
He gave her his heart and his strength when he saw who she was
They came together because things seemed to make sense
But they did not understand every pretense of love

With things in life they say there are strings attached
And in some situations we all know this to be true
But with love this is one thing that can’t be latched
Otherwise the two people might not make it through

Lessons are learned in pride and ego as we come and go
Questioning our own existence in this life we lead
But may we never question everything we know
Because they are as real as the sights we see

As we embark on this sojourn of experience and growth
It may leave you feeling stressed and weak
And although its rough we still have hope
That one day things will feel blessed and complete

He had a sense of something buried deep within her soul
He made his plea, and gave his all until he dried
Now he’s searching for what makes him whole
But at least he can know that he tried

There are many things in life that he will feel with regret
And he misses the feeling of her touch
So with all these things every deed is met
through life and through love, and through us


I've had an experience much like this man. In time, hopefully knowing that all efforts were put in will relieve that regret. Peace!

peace bro! thanks man

I can relate for realz...


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Good one buddy, i always wanted to make a poetry once

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