Quick Poem

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)

I don't write very much: especially poems. I was sitting outside and decided to write a bit, so I took about 10 minutes and completed this with a little revising. Language is a really cool thing that Im grateful to have at my disposal, but at the same time it never truly expresses what we feel or say. Enjoy

Cookie cutter houses. Dulling minds, way behind, can't comprehend the soundness. Zombie siblings and spouses.
High on freedom and balance. The count now is countless, met with counterbalance.

Inside a time of radicals, odds in opposition, yet the power stays lateral, there will be collateral.
Free will is our downfall and savior, fission-like behavior. Rise or fall, do or die. Ignorance evolved by the means of receiving lies.

Arpeggios of crisis lay vague to melodies of the righteous. Rhythm has to change because life has no bias.
Reverse psychology competing with philosophy. Just remember we are one with dichotomy.