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RE: Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus || may justice for groups, never deny it for individuals - a poetic interpretation

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Tru ... beautifully written!

Those last two stanzas where you break into Verse ... are perfect. I re-read them 6-7 times. Not only is your poetic craft itself excellent, but the imagery is extremely potent.

Grew tall the cowering conscience of the captured souls
Unbridled bats defiled returning to our honoured cove
Dividing scraps with greasy hands, red loot-soiled sand ...

Very well done, old friend.

I vote this poem as No.1 for Daily Dose.

@madevi @angelveselinov



My friend, I want to break out in verse more, but I fail really. It feels like such a tension between crafting the words into verse, against potentially losing the word choice. I should have used pen and paper for this one - that usually gives me more confidence to experiment.

Thanks so much for the encouragement - it means a lot.


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