babylonian america - 7/15/2018

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Dig into the past of america.
Eagle scavenging Esoterica.
Obelisks on capital hill,
Kill and thrill and still,
Evil sits on the thrones,
Acting in their own will.
United by the devil’s deal.
They will steal your soul,
Unless you plead for life.
Yahusha will make you whole.
If you travel towards His Right.
But on His Left is a sword.
Babylon, a city founded on blood.
Columbus came along with flood.
European nations slaughtered the whole continent.
Took the ruins of history and destroyed the remnant.
Judgment came to the people of the land at the hand of the Caucasian man.
What is the Pyramid and free masonry?
How do they connect in national history?

The Truth of the history,
Native american mystery,
Mostly destroyed by yeast.
Swords n Catholic priests.
They dedicated feasts to the gods of Rome,
Setup their Monuments topped with a dome.
Worshippers of the false angel of light,
Serpent of evil in shapeshifting disguise.
The serpent on the ziggurats of Mexico,
Dragons connecting histories of long ago.
Jeju Island, South Korea and Bolivian artifacts,
Sculptures of phalluses and lethal contacts.
The Japanese killed Cantonese and Han alike,
Erased culture, past, and identity like the reich.

The Truth still shines bright, but big walls are tight,
around the youth that has led to
a darker and darker spirit within man.
We’ve been initiated in devil’s plan,
and don’t even know the power of our own words and actions.
We choose to seek pleasure and satisfaction, align ourselves with factions and imagine we have some sense of joy when in reality we’re just babies with toys and evil guardians.
Kids bully kids to encourage suicide
and laugh as a mother’s daughter dies.
They set us down in the entertainment room and continue to do what they will with the broods...
slaughtering and torturing in the name of peace.
Conquesting civilizations have always had one lease.
Since Babylon was dispersed and their technologies lost,
They’ve warred to find each other no matter what the cost
in the name of safety they’ve beguiled the masses.
subdued our knowledge in medieval style classes.
wake up, children of God.
come out of slumber and awaken to your true calling.
God isa Righteous Judge.