Disassemble the Vacuum, Day 22 of the 100 Days of Poetry @d-pends

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Disassemble the Vacuum


disassemble the vacuum
the stars have dirtied
orbits come to a standstill
glitter lost to dusty decay

black holes refuse to function
tunnels are clogged
no longer passages for time
stellar debris and discarded string

I ask you
           what in the dust devil
                                         is that smell ...

the matrix is scorched and burned
and so … disassemble the vacuum

it has lost its power
the pressure differential flattened
the flow lost its direction
lost its light up and glow

disassemble the vacuum
sweep up the slate
wipe the tapestry clean
and beat out the rug

don’t pester me with coughing

just disassemble the vacuum
and reassemble it, part by part
maybe it will work again


I had no idea what I was going to write about today and then ... you guessed it ... my vacuum broke. Pulling blessings from the dust. And darn right ... if I didn't get that sucker working again.


The photos are found in the public domain. They have been edited.


Link to contest page ...https://steemit.com/steemitschool/@d-pend/announcing-the-steemit-school-poetry-100-day-challenge

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A heartfelt thank you to those at the Steemit School for hosting the challenge:)

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Love how you use the refrain and the pictures, @prydefoltz

Great work

Thank you, ayahkasih:)

Not too many people can fix a vacuum AND then write a cool piece about it!!

I may have broken it in the first place ... lol. Thank you, Paul:)

Oh my that was so funny about the vacuum, the poem was perfect.

Thank you, sunscape. So glad you enjoyed and it gave you a giggle:)

Haha this is so good... inspiration truly does come from all over the place!

Very clever writing... I'm in awe!

Wonderful work as always :)

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

by the way @prydefoltz how do you do the super cool and special spacing in this piece? I'd like to experiment too!


Thank you, Hartfloe. Spacing on here takes a lot of work but for every space you want it is ... & n b s p; ... but with no spaces in between the letters or symbols. I had to do it this way or the it would only show a space in the comment ...   ... Cut and paste them until it looks the way you like:)

Amazing thank you so much!

I just gave it a go for the first time on today's submission for the poetry contest... let me know what you think if you have a mo!

Day 26 - 'Walls Shall Fall'

It worked perfectly for the sentiment of one of the lines :)

Thanks for enlightening me!

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

You have a talent in poetry, may you be the best

Thank you, Fikar:) So many wonderful poets out there:)

that's right, hope you can be like them

Thank you so much for being beautiful on your post

Thank you, Riya:)


just disassemble the vacuum
and reassemble it, part by part
maybe it will work again

Good woman
that you give an opportunity
so that it does better.

Thank you, Cordero:)

This was such a good read... it make me smile 😊

Thank you, May:)

I love the translation of the suggested images. Good job, friend @pridefoltz.

Thank you, zeleiria:)

  ·  last year (edited)

beautiful post.. thank you

resteem it

Thank you, Zimko:)