What Is Love?

in poetry •  19 days ago


A beautiful word that is being tossed around
A word that is being mistaken for lust
A word our lips speaks but not our heart
A word that's beautiful but being made ugly by us
A word that's being taken for granted

A wise man does say that you can only know if you truly love someone when you see them at their worst
If I'm to ask us what's the meaning of love?
I'm sure we all are going to come up with our various definitions
Some of us will say when you feel the butterflies in the tummy
Others will do say when you look at a person's eyes and your heart beats

Whenever a person says they love me
These thoughts do come to my mind
Will they still love me when my flaws overshadow me?
Will they still love me if my skin goes pale?
Will they still love me if I lose what I have?
Will they still love me if my lips get burnt?
Could they have loved me if I was a little girl dress in rags begging for alms in the street?

Love is all about care
Love is caring for someone even though they push you away
Love is fighting and defending someone
Love is not sympathy but empathy
Love is a strong affection that brings souls together
Love is to be with someone as their worst


Love to me is so complicated but yet beautiful
Love isn't concerned with the beautiful body and charming eyes
Love isn't materialistic
Love cares about the heart
Love seeks for who a person is and not what they possess

Love may seem blind but it's amazing
Love is a selfless act and feeling will show towards a person
Love is loving an imperfect person so perfectly
Love is giving without expecting something in return
Love is patience and forgiveness
Love is life

Every human on earth desires to be loved
We all need love to live
When next you tell someone "I love you"
Let the words not just come from your lips alone
But let it be from the heart
Let love lead
For love is deserving and beautiful

Thanks for reading

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