Poets United: Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose #107

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The Daily Dose #107

The best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
29 July ~ 5 August 2018

This is a different sort of curation dose. Most of the poems are out of the 7-day period for rewards. Let's turn that into a positive, shall we? It being so, let's be energized to go an extra mile to show our appreciation. Explore the writers' latest posts. Let your comments encourage, where the upvote will be virtually worthless in material value. Or give a vote on a recent post instead.

I made a special call for others to write this dose, because I felt myself highlighting particular poems which I valued at the time I read them, then realising I had missed nuances in other poems which needed highlighting as well. When others read the same poems, they of course are moved in different ways. So I read these many times over before selecting and trying to write a short description for each one. I have enjoyed doing it as usual.

Those of you with poetsunited for a while already know how our system of membership works, so you understand why all the poems here are of a high standard. I hope my efforts to balance the various types of poetry will encourage newcomers and seasoned writers alike. Let's grow more and more engaged with one another's pieces. How about saying something about the poem that's your favorite? Which lines struck you most about the poem? If you have a question about the poem, don't hesitate to ask. You are the community and your impact will have a ripple effect on the writer herself, and on her art, and on other readers too.

Now, enjoy these beautiful verses, then take a step by showing your appreciation with a comment below and on the writers' blog post. I guarantee you will make a friend whenever you reach out in that way.

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3rd Spot Did You Know by @angelveselinov
These verses capture the essence of this community's stated mission. Speaking as someone who entered here disillusioned and skeptical, I must thank those who forge ahead, staying positive in spite of the challenges.
There are many tortured souls
Who long ago lost the control

We have to guide them back to light
With our poetry Love again to ignite
2nd Spot Popsicle Sticks & Merry-go-rounds by @acousticsteveo
Stephen is back to a bit of dark, almost macabre poetry here. A poem experimenting with an extreme type of metaphor, very effective in causing an emotional reaction - is it shock, fear. It is altogether gripping and novel. It is signed differently, and it's form is not what we have read from this writer before. So one has to interpret much from this, or little. It's your choice.
The moments of my unmasking are like droplets from a leaky drain into a porcelain sink.
1st Spot Schizophrenia by @nationall
A complex piece of writing which unless read with some insight into the psychological condition itself, may appear little more than chaotic and almost meaningless. Yet, the poem unsettles and plagues the reader, like the unresolved tensions which disturb the subject being observed in this poem. One should remember, there is always meaning in everything, though it seems inaccessible at first. Nationall's poem deserve's this very special highlight. I went searching and found another post - prose, or an early draft of a poem? I find the writers' observational ability very interesting. Keep your eye on this writer and keep encouraging him if you will, because, writing .. is a Complicated Story [his latest post]" which starts with sensitive observations like those in these lines ..
The six-years-old boy started to think of his shoelace for a long period, asking himself. Can he tie his shoes without his father's help?

And now, here are more poems written by our community supporters and promoted in our discord promotion channel.

- @acousticsteveo shared three further poems in the series about growing up. Emerging (16), Emerging (17), Emerging (18).

- Some more pensive motivational poetry by @angelveselinov Do You Still Believe"

- Inspired by a castle in Bavaria, @blockurator wrote this poem around 2006, Neuschwanstein

- How about a poem about relationships? Have you wondered if there's any point in them if you aren't sure you love the person in the first place? What causes us to hang around in these dead-end situations? @deeclown wrote this poem about that sort of situation Is it Over, a poem about love and hate.

- Wonder if we are too obsessed with material wealth? @hash-tag's poem Thousand Heart Attacks has us pondering these very questions and leaves with a warning or some great advice..

- @mizdais' poem <a href="https://steemit.com/poetry/@mizdais/hope>Hope concerns itself with the way nature cleanses us, correcting what we have done wrong. This verses entitled Pain or Gain are positive and uplifting.

Thanks to everyone who shared their inspiring poetry. Some of these posts may be older than 7 days, in which case be sure to visit the person’s blog and enjoy the rest of their beautiful poetry!

This Dose prepared by @trumanity for @poetsunited


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I love all of them but "Did You Know" is my favorite.

Those are some amazing poems!

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Thank You for your countless dedication and perfection of the Daily Dose. I am so happy to have you with us man. Thanks as well for picking me third :) It is an honor. God Bless. Peace and Love.

Really wonderful poems here... I have sure missed out

Friend, if you're experiencing a poetry writing famine, do a hunt or daily dose it may help. And don't miss out any longer ✊. The poems this week were very good, I agree with others here. It remains my honor to nave done these doses so far. Peace and God bless.

Thank you so much for the mention . Good Job @trumanity, you've been awesome.