🌀SOUL🌀(An Original Poem)

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No matter where you go
No matter where you are
You'll always have it
You get it when you are born
And you'll have it until you die
But as you grow, your soul grows too
No one can take your soul from you
Because each and every one of us has a different one
Your soul is like your feelings
But the soul won't feel it being hurt
Because it is a part of your body and mind
When someone really close to you dies
Their soul will become your children's
Guardian angel until they die
And that is why, where ever you go
And where ever you are
Your soul will be right there with you

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

A poem that inspires the idea of reincarnation spread in the old oriental religions. I wish you success @poeticdreams

Thank you for being you, hope we can connect on the subject of poetry and journey together, be well @poeticdreams