Dark Alleys of the Glass (Haiku)

in poetry •  2 months ago 

In the dark alleys of the glass
Fire, bending to embrace his mistress
A tear is born within.

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i'm always confused on what they mean by five seven five ... is it "written" syllables or spoken ones ... i think since it's origin is Japanese and a character there equals a syllable it will be spoken ones ...

but i'm not a nitpicker :p

i was just wondering what the moment was ... my first guess would be sorrow drowned in booze :/

but its sometimes hard to get short poetry

How lonesome the night
We who are not as others
are always alone ...

don't mind if you notify , but i can't guarantee im always jumping within the hour hahah.

It is spoken syllables. This poem was written based on an image. the image was some ice cubes and a small blaze of fire inside a glass and they created shadow in the background. I don't have the image unfortunately but it was meant to show the contrast of fire and ice and the glass is a symbol of this world. This shows the need for opposites to exist and the duality within anything in this world and that all things come from darkness .... the shadow that glass is creating.

did i get that one wrong then ... mh , duality seems to be a concept that's lacking in modern day or maybe completely in western philosophy. It used to be all around, polytheism a good deal, my cat goddess here had both the cat and the lion as aspects of the same, the asian yin and yang, lots and lots more, even the vikings had duality in their philosophy/religion (i personally think that's about the only thing in north-european history worth mentioning even if they might have been a bit rough around the edges ... :p)
But what you get now is or , not and ... you get left OR right,
which imo and i also mentioned that before somewhere is a really wrong perspective, they see themselves as opposites on a straight line while actually they stand back to back on the same point of a ciricle (which is a bent line, lol ... metaverse philosophy, i has it (or i'm full of **it) It it .. maybe it's ben perspective because of all the heavy words given meaning to the point where they gather so much energy they become like prayers ... cuss-words for one, or words that meant nothing but now have gained power as if they were their own entity. You do seem to have soul :) soul is spread thin now, if there was one at the beginning then that is now spread over nearly 8 billion people (if you're homo-centric - (latin ... not sexual orientation), if you take the shinto way then everything has spirit, right up to mount fuji-SAN ... (in which case soul is spread even thinner ... and so some are left with none, while some have plenty, and maybe others more than they can handle at times)

jeez ... im really full of it, today, aren't i :p

i just get like that sometimes, pay it no heed :p

i get what you are saying, i don't know about if one has more soul than the other but i believe everything has some sort of consciousness, even inanimate objects and i believe we are all on a quest to turn our darkness to light. Ursula le guin in her novel the left hand of darkness mentions that darkness and light both need each other to survive. that everything in this world has originated from a chaos of darkness and goes towards the light (salvation) and this is how consciousness is developed and how transformation occurs. there are hidden rules to this universe and if you know them you can gather more soul or energy for yourself. soul as consciousness has an imprinted set of information and when someone takes away your "soul", they take your power or in other words the wisdom you gathered through all your reincarnations.

How very shinto , but there's probably plenty of elder or ancient religions or filosofies who would grant soul to what's currently labelled as in-animate objects and actually why wouldn't it have. Even the mighty concept of god itself gains power from the energy directed at it. One could say prayer literally empowers deities by transmitting energy to their entity, wether that is tangible or an abstract concept doesn't make it less real or power-ful in that way. Ursula Le Guin huh :D i grew up with that as a kid , must be among my three favourite authors , Zelazny, Vance and Le Guin . The mother just brought the fantasy and the kid devoured it. Little did she know she was feeding the concoctions of a mythology-phile , a true science-fiction author who fed me the concept of entropy among many others in the dying earth and a die-hard, albeit well-spoken and behaved anarchist like Le Guin ... so basically the local library ruined my life and chance at normality (haha lol) but i guess that's why they don't push books like that in schools and demean them as invaders from mars and pointy eared fairy-tales , but those who know know better ... i have to mention A.E. Van Voght as well , the gedanken-experiments his sci-fi always was certainly shaped my way of thinking somewhere and who knows what it might have become if i didnt become damaged goods because after all that i suddenly had to be


and i personally think

giphy (1).gif

After all if the fringe didnt invade the norm then things would have grown stale a long time ago and the universe itself would have died from inbreeding, just as if the simplified left- or rightwing would ever completely win : the place would simply topple over to one side and we'd all go rolling off, down into the void.
I think i once won a staring contest with the abyss too, but it feels like it's always there, ready to embrace me whenever i just

say the word hahah :p

if sould is consciousness then consciousness itself would still need a definition that at the moment might surpass all the available paper in the universe to write it down on. I'm not sure , i think an entity (like described above) doesn't have to be 'conscious' as such, but it can still move things outside itself depending on how much access to energy it has and how much of that it can control. Religion is probably the easiest example but i dont think i can put that in a clear scientific diagram ... that's metafysics in the metaverse for ya.

But sure get's a lot of nods :p Maybe soul has as one of its properties "the ability to create" , which means it can't do anything but dilute as over time most combinations will have been made and fresh, real fresh input doesn't happen too much. Even the occasional disruption like Satoshi-sama and his cronies modifiying a glorified torrent and calling it a blockchain isn't really completely new but the disruption lies in the way it makes people RE-vise things, look at it from different viewpoints. It's more like a re-mix that's better than the original and

i really chose the name for the account well heheh (ill be doing all my talking with this, easier to track and that way the utilities dont have to suffer from my not always popular opinion)

you take care there and see you around @poemsofasickmind