in poetry •  5 months ago

Turn your back on the homesickness,
Sate the wanderlust
Bring rain from borrowed skies
In the aptly named
soles of your shoes

The turquoise heartbeat of home,
Pulsing against your senses
As they broaden to make room
For the wild wiles of the world

Nothing widens the mind
And narrows the heart
Like the open road

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what a wonderful poem.

What Camera360 Canon?

Wao Beautiful poem to let loose flow, travel without heavy load, only with the camera to bring not only the images in the mind but also as living memories.
Structure of the beautiful of the possible with the strength to do it, greetings

This is my opinion after read this poem
Art of Life

@pinkspectre Sometimes, leaving is the best remedy for the soul ... even though it may not seem so clear, the road is not always made of concrete, sometimes it's made of incomplete desires, that just can be granted, when love took us distracted, knoking our door.

Greetings from VENEZUELA!

Excellent.... That really captures it... Travel is something I would recommend to everyone with the opportunity and funds to do it... It widens your horizons and gives you a more balanced world view and it's a whole lot of fun too :o)

I'm all settled now with four kids, bu t vso happy I travelled when I had the chance. Backpacking with dentures and a walking stick doesn't have the same appeal!