Cap'n "AppleJacks" Crunch

in poetry •  14 days ago

I write these words
on the back of an envelope;
scribbling swiftly to capture them all
before the fade into the ether.

They are not important,
nor are they unimportant.
There is meaning hidden within.
If only I knew how to read.

Between the Lines

Whether it be some grand message
cautiously sent from the heavens
or a silly joke bellowed from the depths
I cannot say, for the Sea Witch stole my voice

All I can reveal is how I feel
in every attempt to decipher
a secret code without The Ring
They hide inside my cereal box.

Between the Lines

Senseless scribbles, meaningless
in all their profound import.
Empty in every word, so swollen
with delusional grandeur.

They could mean everything
and nothing, all in the same
simultaneous sentence, bleeding
between two dimensional minds.

Between the Lines

I write these words
on the back of an envelope;
pretending they're transcending
the normality of humanity.

Knowing they are but ink
swiftly scribbled onto paper
that I've gilded in my mind
only meant to be read.

Between the Lines

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